A religious Jew injured after a knife attack in Strasbourg. – Screenshot – Google Maps

a Jew wearing a yarmulke was the victim of a knife attack in Strasbourg. As information began to spread around noon on social networks, it could then be confirmed by the Journal du Dimanche .

Friday around 11am, a sexagenarian who wore yarmulke was assaulted when he was going to his home by a person who was in front of his building, located in the Jewish quarter in Strasbourg. He was wounded by a man who shouted “Allahu akbar” (information confirmed by the prosecutor in Strasbourg) at the time of attack with a knife in the chest. Stayed behind, the perpetrator was detained by witnesses without resistance. He has been arrested in the wake of the police.

According to a witness contacted by 20 Minutes , residing in the district, the arrest of a man “younger than the victim, thirty or forty years, certainly not a teenager or an old man” has made
 Finkmatt street at the corner of Avenue des Vosges and the Clemenceau Boulevard.

  • What is known about the alleged abuser?

The man with psychiatric history, had already committed a similar anti-Semitic attack six years earlier. In 2010, he was in fact taken to a forty that he too wore a skullcap, beaten with an iron bar and wounded with a knife.

Strasbourg prosecution had at the time described the assailant as a man with psychiatric disorders, “who thinks he is the subject of a conspiracy of the Jews” which he attributes “all the evil that could happen to him in life “. He had been declared not criminally responsible due to mental disorder. He then underwent several hospitalizations office and is now followed by a psychiatrist

The Chief Rabbi of Strasbourg René Gutman asking “that measures be taken. If that person can stand in city ​​and when he sees a person in yarmulke, assault with a knife, this is problematic. ” The Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve called rabbi from mid-day to express his solidarity.

The Israelite Consistory of the Lower Rhine, the Chief Rabbinate of Bas-Rhin and CRIF have through press asked the prefect to “take all measures for the assailant, who had already assaulted in 2010 a member of our community, be placed in the psychiatric ward office.”

  • What state is the victim?

The days of this pensioner of 62, father of three children, and wounded in the abdomen, are not in danger.

Friday, Rabbi Mendel Samama Strasbourg s’ has quickly shown reassuring about the health of the victim.

“I hope and wish that this remains an isolated act,” he said, who arrived at the scene shortly after aggression, was able to talk to the victim: “He is shocked and feels miracle.” He “had the sense to flee before the abuser bears him a second knife,” he said.

  • How is the investigation?

The attacker was taken into custody in connection with a spot investigation opened by the prosecutor of Strasbourg. “From the first elements, no terrorist motivation has been established but it is envisaged opening a criminal investigation of the head of attempted murder with the circumstance that the facts have been committed because of the actual membership or alleged victim to an ethnic group, race or religion, “said the prosecutor