Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Green MP Denis Baupin heard by police – Le Point

The Green MP Denis Baupin was heard last week by the police in connection with the investigation initiated after allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment leveled against him by several women, Has said Wednesday police and judicial sources.

According to a judicial source, the MP was questioned in free hearing on 2 and 3 August at the Brigade fighting crime against the person (BRDP), where he was summoned.

This service of the judicial police in Paris was seized from May 10 investigations as part of the preliminary investigation by the Paris prosecutor for assault, sexual harassment and harassing phone calls.

Faced with investigators, Denis Baupin “did not recognize the charges against him,” a source close to the matter. He “recognized a number of SMS exchanges in a context of mutual seduction,” the source said.

According to a source close to the investigation, ten people were heard to BRDP since the beginning of the investigation. Among them, witnesses and the first four accusers, including three filed complaints. The former national secretary Cecile Duflot EELV was also heard.

The scandal erupted on May 9 with the first revelations Mediapart and France Inter that cited eight testimonies, four environmentalists speaking women to face and discovered four anonymous. Most evoke series SMS insistent, sexual nature, may constitute harassment offense. The current spokesman for EELV, Sandrine Rousseau described a scene of sexual assault at a political meeting in Montreuil in October 2011.

Among these testimonies, a case back to the end 90s, others will end from 2011 to 2013.

on 30 May, five new witnesses came in and Mediapart on France Inter, two openly. Gestures or inappropriate messages, assault or harassment, thirteen women spoke in the media at this stage.

“I affirm in my life never to have committed sexual harassment or sexual assault” affirmed Denis Baupin The OBS in early June. At Isabelle Attard MP who had accused him of “almost daily harassment” through “SMS provocative, dirty”, he replied that it was rather “Seduction Games”.

in theory, at this stage, only the case of Isabella Attard, who said he received text messages from June 2012 to late 2013, seems to escape the prescription, which is three years for such offenses.

several victims and the defense of Mr. Baupin were not immediately available

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