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Firefighters from Marseille helped by lower temperatures and higher humidity – The World

fire Scene in Vitrolles, where more than a thousand people were evacuated Wednesday, August 10.


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the fire involving the common Rognac, Vitrolles and the Pennes-Mirabeau, north of Marseilles, was “out of control” Wednesday, August 10 in the evening by firefighters, “seems to lose intensity” , announced Jean-Claude Gaudin in a tweet. It is, however, “not controlled” , said the mayor of Marseilles.

Several fires, fanned by strong winds, are underway in the Bouches-du Rhône and Hérault, where four firefighters were injured. other people were injured, one seriously burned in Rognac and another slightly more. The fires have already won more than 2200 hectares, did you learned from the firefighters.

“The conditions were more favorable for despite a still strong wind, the humidity is return and temperatures drop “, said to the press, at the command post set up near the TGV station in Aix-en-Provence, the regional director of fire and rescue Served Bouches-du -Rhône, Colonel Gregory Allione.

firefighters have reviewed their device because fire is fixed in many parts, he said. “The active centers are the municipalities of Saint-Victoret, the Pennes-Mirabeau Vitrolles and” , said the SDIS 13 in a statement. At 21:30, the rescue had raised a “situation out of control, (a) extremely powerful rapid fire, explosive that continues to burn everything in its path, even houses.”

the prefecture of the Rhone delta has announced on its website have “opened a crisis and called on the population to remain confined and especially not to clutter the roads to be used in priority by the emergency services’


the interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, visited early evening at the command post operating implemented in Gabian, before heading to the command post in Aix-en-Provence. “The goal is to contain the fire to prevent it gaining cities, including Marseille” , then assured the minister.

After a winter and a low wet spring the south of France is in a state of drought and water restrictions measures more or less drastic were taken in several departments, including Bouches-du-Rhône.

Bouches-du-Rhône: oil site partly in flames

  • the mayor of Marseille reassuring

A time threatened by the flames, Marseilles seems out of danger if we go by the official Twitter account of the town hall.

Around midnight, Julien Ruas, deputy Deputy Mayor marine brigade, was to be a bit alarmist about the fire on the newspaper’s website La Provence It is close to Marseille! If we fail to stop here and know that we put all our resources into the battle, he will enter the gates of the city …

all access roads and motorways were saturated in the late afternoon and early evening. In the northern areas, motorists wait patiently while the great cities of the 15 th and 16 th districts were obscured by a thick, acrid smoke.

about a thousand people in several neighborhoods in Vitrolles, thirty kilometers north of Marseille, were evacuated in late afternoon. Frédéric Paris, Chief of the Mayor, rated “between 6,000 and 8,000″ the number of people affected by the disaster in five districts, most remaining confined at home, others.

the fire, fanned by a violent mistral combined with drought, began at 15.30 to Rognac, rapidly spreading in the scrubland of short grass and few wooded areas of the Arbois plateau.

firefighters were sent to help the Vaucluse and Marseille. The fire “jumped” the county road 9, which has been cut, according to firefighters.

“The fire took all Vitrolles, it’s a disaster . The eighth floor where I am, I see the fire in cliff. These are flames that flow “, testified a resident of Pinchinades district, interviewed by Le Monde .

On the highway near Vitrolles, on 10  August.

” this is the Apocalypse, I have never seen anything like this “, said this vitrollaise evacuated in the post noon when the fire was near individual houses in this neighborhood bordering pine forests.

“We just had time to take the dog and car. Firefighters were asking us to leave quickly. We left the house black ash. We do not know what happens there. We arrived at [a] friend naked and raw. “

  • Three fires near Fos-sur-Mer

Three fires in the industrial area between Fos-sur-Mer and Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône. By late afternoon, burned over 530 hectares but they are now under control state relief. The situation was even more sensitive than the oil site of Fos was partly in flames.

ArcelorMittal Fos announced in a statement that “Fire [outside ] was spreading to the site “. “We evacuated personnel located in the area bordered by the fire. Our facilities have been stopped or slowed down (…). A crisis unit was immediately triggered “, says the text.

Over two hundred, fifty gear and three Canadair committed, and ” human potential risk of be increased “. Homes have been destroyed.

  • A Rognac, the fire covered 350 hectares

A Rognac, about thirty kilometers north of Marseille, the situation is “still worrying” as the SDIS 13. A fire “self propagating” has already covered hundreds of hectares. Over four hundred and hundred and thirty two vehicles are on site.

Another starting fire was reported by firefighters in Istres, at the port of the Hours-Claires. It heads south and threatens north of Saint-Mitre.

  • As best in transportation

After been severely disrupted by fire, air and road transport have gradually resumed Wednesday night. “Reopening the airport confirmed for all flights departing and arriving. But difficult access from Marseille “, announced Marignane airport on Twitter around 21 hours.

In the early evening, the airport warned that some commercial flights arriving were “diverted to other airports (Montpellier, Lyon …) so that the aircraft fight against fires can intervene” .

the traffic on the A8, first cut in both directions between Coudoux and Aix-en-Provence, has been restored on a path toward Orange and three lanes in the direction of Aix-en-Provence, announced Vinci Autoroutes in a statement. “It is always strongly recommended to avoid the Marseille area and learn before moving into the region,” , however, says the text.

The A55 was cut to Lyon from Marseille according to a journalist from AFP.

“the train traffic is not affected at this time” is Assire Prefecture Bouches-du-Rhône. “The access to the commercial area of ​​Plan de Campagne are closed from the A51 and A7 from the”

Hérault. Four firefighters wounded

in the Hérault, a violent fire, circumscribes little after 20 pm Wednesday destroyed about 200 hectares near the village of Gabian, 20 kilometers north of Béziers, depending on the service county fire and rescue Herault.

Four firefighters in a vehicle surrounded by flames, were burned, three of them seriously. “We are very concerned” , said Lieutenant Colonel Yannick Rebillon, firefighters of the Herault. The four men were transported to hospitals in Montpellier.


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