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5 things to know about Evry, the stronghold of Manuel Valls, Le Figaro

This is from the town where he was mayor and then member of parliament Manuel Valls has chosen to announce his candidacy. Big plan on his heritage in Evry and the special features real estate in the city.

After François Fillon, the Figaro real Estate revealed the secrets of the manoir de Beaucé, place another heavy weight of the upcoming presidential election, Manuel Valls. We make the point on his apartment, Evry, but also on all of the features of the real estate of this new city, champion of France of Pinel, and which includes the only cathedral in the Twentieth century, or the largest mosque in France.

1) A heritage discreet Evry

If the marital home of Manuel Valls rue Keller in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, attention is focused, the only property he owns is an apartment of 88 m2 located in Evry. In fact, according to his declaration of assets, he only has a 100 units of the SCI Homer holding its housing in paris, the other 99 being in the hands of his wife, Anne Gravoin. A share is valued all the same to financial services to 315,000 euros (in 2010) and officially representing a dwelling of 44 m2. On the side, Evry, this same report mentions an apartment with cellar and parking bought 254.500 € to which are added € 30,000 of work. Note: this housing business acquired in 2006 was almost fully financed with a credit of 236.000 euros spread over 15.5 years. Not sure that this is a excellent business real estate: integrating the cost of the works (and without the financial burden), the housing cost 3200 euros per square meter, while the higher end of the market currently (for the former, it is true) i s at 2928 euros per square meter, according to website MeilleursAgents.

Detail of the cathedral of Evry.

2) A mosque and a cathedral at the top

Among the iconic buildings of the city, Evry account of the cathedral of the Resurrection, the only built in the Twentieth century (that of Créteil was a church, raised afterwards to the rank of cathedral). Located in the direct vicinity of the Hotel de ville, the building is completed in 1995 adopts a cylindrical shape 38-m diameter, designed by the architect Mario Botta. The assembly consists of a double cylinder of 4000 m3 cubes of concrete covered 840,000 bricks craft of Toulouse.

The mosque of Evry-Courcouronnes (photo archives 2003). photo Credits JEAN-PIERRE MULLER/AFP

But the city has another religious building worthy of note: the mosque of Evry-Courcouronnes. Opened a few months before the cathedral of the Resurrection, the building designed by the architect Henri Baudot has a minaret of 25 meters high. With its 7000 m2, this mosque labeled “Heritage of the Twentieth century” is one of the largest in France and even Europe.

3) A city champion of France of the Pinel

According to a ranking published in November by the Journal du net, the prefecture of the Essonne the city would be more advantageous to France when it comes to making a rental investment in the framework of the law Pinel. With a gross yield estimated at 5.5% on the basis of calculations made with the site MeilleursAgents, Evry achieves superior performance by 1 percentage point to the average of the 118 cities studied. She beat two other communes in the Ile-de-France: Trappes (5.3%) and Villiers-le-Bel (5.2 per cent). The three municipalities on the podium together a presence in the area, “tense”, where the rents are still high considering the shortage of supply and a large majority (80% and more) of households with an income tax of less than 30,000 euros, so well below the ceiling of 36.993 euros not to exceed to be a tenant in Pinel.

Manuel Valls, in 2014 ,during a presentation of the project Grand stage. photo Credit BERTRAND GUAY/AFP

4) Where are the great projects, rugby stadium and Génopole?

Manuel Valls was personally involved in that sees the light of day a Large rugby stadium (82.000-seater with a retractable roof) in the neighbouring commune of Ris-Orangis. An expensive project to 581 million euros, frowned upon by the Court of auditors (see her referred to here), but that had been validated by the president of the Federation of French rugby (FFR), Pierre Camou. Except that, in the meantime, the president of the FFR has been repudiated and defeated in the election to the presidency by another candidate, Bernard Laporte. The latter was shown to be more conducive to a more economical solution: renovate the Stade de France from the renegotiation of new agreements for its matches in Saint-Denis, while taking advantage of the stadiums renovated in the framework of the Euro 2016 to play other meetings of the XV of France. Case to follow.

The Génopole, meanwhile, seems to be engaged on the best track. The cluster is dedicated to the biotechnologies created in 1998 and today has nearly one hundred companies of the sector, as well as twenty research laboratories and as scientific platforms around the university of Evry Val d’essonne. And it should not stop there, since the site would need 30 to 40,000 m2 of corporate real estate an additional on the horizon of 2025. The greater south Paris mobilizes and claims to already have land in mind to ensure this expansion is riding on the towns of Evry and Corbeil-Essonnes.

The fresco Heroic parade dress up the facade of a theater, and concerts. photo Credits FLORIAN DAVID/AFP

In the framework of the Festival street art, the city centre of Evry has the largest mural in Europe. not less than 200 litres of paint were required to the French artist Speedy Graphito to represent Astro the small robot, Popeye, or Mickey on the 3000 m2 of his work called ” Heroic Parade. A fresco ephemeral carried out on the façade, circular room of shows and concerts in the city since the locations will be completely renovated in 2017.

The minister of education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in front of the windows of the school Aimé Césaire from Evry. photo Credit DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP

The new school Aimé Césaire, Evry, should have an existence that is more sustainable. Inaugurated in September by the Prime minister and the minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, she welcomes 235 children in the middle of huge white walls and elegant windows of stained (see above).


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