Monday, December 5, 2016

The messages of Valls to the left distilled in its speech of nomination, Le Figaro

The prime minister, now a candidate in the primary of the left, wants to join his political family behind him. A challenge perilous on which he focused most of his first speech Monday evening.

“For him, everything is played from now on. Before we can hope to create a dynamic in January, Manuel Valls needs to gather, and he knows it. At the risk of a false-flat.” These words from a vallsiste, a few minutes before the declaration of candidacy of the prime minister, sum up the whole. As to the Towers, at the end of October, the socialist has tried Monday night to slip into the clothes of the rallying of the left. To do better to forget his theory on the “left irreconcilable” or pronouncements clivantes on the burkini or 35 hours (among other things).

” the strategy of The mea culpa

“Myself, I have had harsh words, stimulate discussion, misunderstandings.” This sentence had cost Manuel Valls. The candidate is not a follower of mea culpa or discounts in question. Known to be a gunslinger, or even a choleric, the socialist smooth from the outset of his speech. “I can see the division. But until when are we going to sustain this show? There is a requirement of gathering together”, he said. From the right wing of his political family, the future ex-prime minister should give a pledge to the left during his campaign.

” The spectre of 2002

Manuel Valls has an ambition: to win the left in 2017, while the latter is in ruins. For this, the former adviser to Lionel Jospin calls for an argument club: the qualification of the national Front in the second round of the presidential election, in 2002, in the face of the fragmentation of the left. “I don’t want France to revive the trauma of 2002. The extreme right is at the gates of power. His program would ruin the little people and retirees. He would have us out of Europe, and of the History. To all of us of the return within the ropes,” said the candidate in his speech. In 2015, during the regional elections, Manuel Valls, had already been much used to try to stop the rise of the national Front. His first move, which is scheduled for Wednesday in the Doubs region of france, serves as a symbol: the mp PS Frédéric Barbier had to beat the FN at the legislative, partial. He was also who came to support him in February of 2015.

” The response to François Fillon

in the Face of François Fillon, Manuel Valls wants to impose itself as the main challenger. “I want to fight against the right, its candidate, his programme, his old recipes of the 80s, which we present as a step forward, a decline in generalized social. I don’t want that public servants work more to earn less. I don’t want our kids to have less teachers. I do not want that we will break our social security”, a-t-it is listed in the forum in the direction of the winner to the right. Arguments regularly summoned by the left, which sees in François Fillon a likely future president of the Republic that would break the French social model and public services.

” The pique against Emmanuel Macron

If he wins the primary from the left, Manuel Valls will face its best enemy, Emmanuel Macron, to him also a candidate but directly in the presidential election. The two ex-ministers share almost the same political space. To stand out, Manuel Valls opened on Monday evening two angles of attack: that of loyalty, and that of money. “At the heart of the difficulties, I never gave in to the temptation to individualism. The service of France is larger than ourselves”, he said, in the first part of his speech was devoted to a tribute to François Hollande. Under-heard: I have expected that the president of the Republic withdraws to resign and launch my campaign, unlike the traitor Macron, who has left the ship for his personal adventure. The socialist has also launched an appeal to “progressive,” as the leader In walk!. Finally, when Emmanuel Macron wants to see French young people to become billionaires, Manuel Valls takes its distances. “The vitality is bo rn of the ability of each of the projects, and not only of financial wealth”, a-t-it down in his speech.

” The slogan of Besancenot revisited

at the end of his speech, the candidate was introduced into an anaphora to demonstrate that it was possible that the left wins in 2017. “Nothing is written”, he repeated, in a register on which it expects shortly. “Our lives are better than the predictions!”, a-t-launched it. As a nod to the slogan “Our lives are worth more than their profits”, chosen by the candidate NPA Olivier Besancenot during the presidential campaign of 2007. A formula voted the best slogan of the campaigns of 2012 and 2007 according to the CSA institute, specified by The Lab.


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