Monday, December 5, 2016

LIVE – Manuel Valls resigns and formalizes his candidacy for the presidency, Le Figaro

“My application, it is also a revolt. I am revolted at the bottom of myself that the left is disqualified from the presidential election. This revolt, I want to make it our own. I see the division. But until when are we going to sustain this show ? There is a requirement of the gathering, there is a desire to find. Myself, I have had harsh words, the subject of debates, misunderstandings, but I have always assumed that the collective decisions. This is also the decisions of the left. This is my story. We are different but we are together”, continues Manuel Valls, a candidate in the presidential election 2017.

“Everyone will have to make an effort, me the first. It will be worthy, be overcome. My nomination is the nomination of conciliation, reconciliation. I was a first act for the unit. Together, because finally, when it was ruled with Mitterrand, Jospin, Hollande, sharing something big, something strong, a real fight for progress, for social justice. It is a story. I want to win this that brings us together. The primary is a great way to make us win. I invite all the French who refuse the extreme right, the social regression proposed by François Fillon. What you can do !”, he continued.

“The left is great, is beautiful, when she speaks all French and that she gathers, when his destiny is intertwined with that of France. France needs the left. Secularism, which is our shield to ensure tolerance, to protect, to that in this country we can believe or not believe. Equality is a fight, fundamental, fellowship that fact that France is a nation where everyone is concerned about the fate of his neighbor. Never close our eyes on poverty, the forgotten, the badly housed, the insecure, the downtrodden of life, restore their dignity of life,” added the prime minister.


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