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A death in the arson of a home for immigrants near Paris – Le Point

The track criminal has been confirmed on Friday in the investigation into the fire at night, a home of immigrant workers has left one dead and 14 injured in Boulogne-Billancourt.

The victim died after being défenestrée, in the night from Thursday to Friday, on the fifth floor, according to a source close to the investigation opened by the public prosecutor of Nanterre, and entrusted to the judicial police of the Hauts-de-Seine.

Fourteen other people were injured, including one seriously, in the fire that was reported around 03H45 and was brought under control by firefighters at 5: 00, according to the public prosecutor.

traces of hydrocarbons and gas fire have been found in the entrance hall of the building with 78 units.

Referring to the”criminal origin” of the fire, François Hollande has condemned as “an act of intolerable”, asking that the truth be made on this drama.

The Interior ministry appeared to rule out a racist motive. “It is a home that is the problem, with activities and restaurants illegal. The atmosphere is deleterious with scuffles between residents and traffic,”-explained place Beauvau.

“The checks are in progress concerning the participation in the facts of a resident”, wounded himself, who “was heard by the investigators at the hospital, according to a source close to the investigation.

many residents interviewed by AFP on Friday morning, attacked, them, the new manager of the establishment and its employer, the association Coallia (specialising in particular in social housing) with which they are in conflict for the past six months, refusing to pay their rents.

According to their testimony, private residence, composed of two buildings, is without a collective kitchen and no heating for months and the gas has been “cut off Thursday evening with the manager”.

Alain Lounnas, one of the leaders of the association, questioned by AFP, denied the charge, making sure that the gas cut was done by a maintenance team of GRDF, that it had not lasted “a few hours” and that the heating was working.

“Our concern, above all, it is the accompaniment of the resident and support to the families of the victims,” he stressed. “Of the cleaning companies and techniques have been mobilized,” and “the electricity will be restored” to ensure that tenants are able to return to their homes, none of which were affected by the fire” as soon as possible, said the manager.

Only the entry of one of the two buildings has been affected by the fire, he confirmed.

- Two défenestrations -

“there was smoke everywhere”, it was “panic”, testified Ibrahima Diallo, a French-Guinean 35 years of age, who lodge there since 2011. “The general alarm did not work and there was no light in the stairs. I knocked on the doors of my neighbors to wake them up”, he told, lamenting as several other tenants of the serious inadequacies of management. Alain Lounas assured AFP that the general alarm had worked well.

Probably within the scope of the panic, two tenants were defenestrated before the arrival of firefighters. One of them is dead. It was “a Malian man, aged forty years,” arrived at the home “there are about four years,” said AFP Bakary Cissoko, president of the residents committee.

According to the prosecutor’s office, 300 people on the 750 occupants have been evacuated. “Five or six residents were out of the sixth floor, with the large-scale fire”, according to Mr Cissoko.

The residence, created in the 1970s to house the employees of african of the Renault factories of the city, has always been a since of home for the immigrant workers, especially from francophone sub-saharan Africa.

The mayor LR, Boulogne-Billancourt, Pierre-Christophe baguet deputy has asked in a statement “the immediate closure” of the home, considering that this “drama (…) could have been avoided”. The mayor recalled that it was “the third disaster” in a home operated by Coallia in his city. “This is surreal, this situation”, has he reacted to the AFP. “I don’t want to be the mayor of a city where a man can die because of the laxity” of a host, he said, noting he raised the issue of the security of this site repeatedly with the prefectural authorities.

“The association Coallia and the State will they wait for a fourth fire even more dramatic acting ?”, questioned the municipal official.

16/12/2016 18:45:28 – Boulogne-Billancourt, france (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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