Friday, December 16, 2016

Deadly fire in Boulogne : what is the future for the home of migrant workers ? – The Parisian

Dince a few years, in Boulogne-Billancourt, it was feared that does not happen-disaster in the home run down the National road. A man has sadly lost his life in the night from Thursday to Friday. Terrible consequence of the fire of criminal origin, which damaged the entrance hall of one of the two buildings open in the 1970s for hosts of migrant workers.

Mostly workers from sub-saharan Africa the oldest of which have worked on the chains of the Renault factories have disappeared today. “Around 3 hours, a guy saw the flames on the door and called the fire department, evidenced by Bakary Cissokho, representative of the residents. All the world was sleeping. “

in a Panic, two men jumped from the 5th and on the 2nd floor of one of the buildings, including the dilapidated stands out in the modern area in the course of completion. The first gave its last breath in the morning after a cardio-respiratory arrest. “It is a Malian forty years “, ahead of Bakary Cissokho. The second is in a critical state.

Thirteen minor injuries and three hundred evacuated

” Thirteen other injured passengers lighter, have been identified, some of which have been hospitalized, states the prosecutor of Nanterre. Three hundred or so people were evacuated by the emergency services during the fire. “The seventy firefighters deployed on the scene and controlled the flames shortly before 5 o’clock.

The intentional act appears to be no doubt. The agents of the police technical and scientific have collected traces of hydrocarbons in the vestibule, the walls blackened with soot. However, it is not yet to say what may have motivated the arsonist. “Investigations are continuing with auditions and analysis “, report to the public prosecutor of Nanterre. While stating that the investigators of the judicial police from the Hauts-de-Seine have made no arrests.

(BSPP./Julien Duke)

This tragedy calls into question the very existence of the institution, promised to demolition “in the medium term,” loose-t-to the prefecture of the Hauts-de-Seine. “The State and Coallia (editor’s NOTE : the manager of the household) should take their responsibilities and to close this residence,” insists Pierre-Christophe baguet deputy, the mayor (LR) of Boulogne. “The responsibility of Coallia is committed” hits Pierre Gaborit, city councillor (PS).

” We live with the doors not secure “

Planned to accommodate 328 persons, the two buildings connected by a court would actually 750, according to the authorities. “We live with the doors not secure, leading-edge Bakary Cissokho. “To go back, the residents have a badge, but the system is constantly vandalized,” defends Alain Lounass, the director-operations of the social sector in Coallia.

on The 24th of may last, a response the morning of the police and of the Direction départementale de la protection des populations (DDPP) had put an end to the activity of a restaurant underground. Residents and outside clients came in for restore for the modest sum of € 2. Spoiled food, cooks without a contract of employment, hygiene deplorable… The inspectors had compiled the offences.

Since then, the tenants do décolèrent not against Coallia. They have declared a rent strike. “We have no hot water, no gas “, plague Bakary Cissokho in the eyes of some residents who have been able to return to their rented room on average 390 € per month. Coallia confirms the need to demolish these homes no longer meet the current standards. “It will be necessary for it to make places available elsewhere,” warns Alain Lounass. The State and Coallia have any interest to speed up the process.


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