Friday, December 16, 2016

Pollution: alert in Rhône-Alpes, restricted circulation maintained at Grenoble – Le Figaro

The traffic restrictions in Grenoble have been renewed on Saturday for the 8th day in a row, while the pollution episode now extends to five geographical areas, of the Valley of the Rhone to the Valley of the Arve.

“The episode of pollution to the particle returns to the scale on the region, in connection with the emissions of human activities is not dispersed by the terms and conditions anti-cyclonic and temperature inversions,” says the prefecture of the Isère, in a news release. These meteorological phenomena create a “lid” over the valleys.

The vehicle the more pollutants, or 26% of the fleet of the grenoble urban district, are still not allowed to drive. It refers to cars that are older and those with tiles numbered 4 and 5 in the system of certificates of “quality of air” that the city of Grenoble is the first one to be put in place and that the government is going to generalize.

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It is also recommended to favour the use of carpooling and to encourage travel by public transport, which remain free with the exception of the TER, in using the parks-relay.

The peak of pollution, which was Thursday, the grenoble basin, the Arve Valley (Haute-Savoie) and the urban area of the Country of Savoie (Chambéry and Annecy), has spread today to the basin of Lyon-Nord-Isère and the Rhone Valley. The episode of pollution began in the Rhône-Alpes 2 December, leading a week later to the establishment for the first time in Lyon the alternating circulation.

It is also forbidden to burn green waste and use of open fireplaces booster, the wood-burning appliances of booster-type inserts, stoves and boilers installed prior to 2000 and generators. Alpine wood heating individual is responsible for at least 60% of particle pollution during the winter period.


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