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Affaire Cahuzac : summary of previous episodes – The World

The former minister of budget, François Hollande, has decided to appeal its judgment for tax fraud and money laundering, made Thursday.

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police escort Jérôme Cahuzac to the output of his trial, on December 8.

Jérôme Cahuzac has been sentenced, Wednesday, 8 December, to three years in prison and five years of ineligibility by the correctional court of Paris, without a mandate to deposit. The former minister of the budget François Hollande, convicted of tax evasion and money laundering, has appealed the verdict.

pending the appeal trial, this episode marks the last of a long series, which began in December 2012.

Of what was he accused ?

The case broke Tuesday, 4 December 2012, when Mediapart has published a survey on ” the swiss account of the minister of the budget, “. The information site ensures that Jérôme Cahuzac possessed ” for many years, and until 2010 “ an account within the swiss bank UBS, in Geneva, he has never declared to the tax authorities. This account would have been emptied, and the money it contained is placed in a singaporean bank, a few days before he became chairman of the finance committee of the Assembly.

The money not declared the result of his activity of plastic surgeon and owner of a clinic paris specialized in the micrografting of hair, then his consulting company, which he founded in 1993. When the scandal broke, Mr Cahuzac had repatriated about 600 000 euros on the account.

later, the judges will discover other accounts that are used by Jérôme Cahuzac and his wife. As the name of the mother of the former minister, who has collected for nearly 240 000 euros of cheques from patients their clinic, implants capillary, from 2003 to 2010. Or an account on the isle of Man, opened in 1997 and contains approximately 2.7 million euros. The total assets hidden in tax is estimated at € 3.5 million.

steps of the scandal

the former chairman of the finance committee of the national Assembly, who presents himself as the white Knight in the fight against tax fraud, starting with any deny. He promises to bring a complaint and accuses Mediapart did not produce any documents proving his claims. The government and the Assembly, he assured them of his good faith : ” Eyes in the eyes “, it supports the television to have never held an account in Switzerland.

At the beginning of January 2013, the parquet de Paris opened an investigation, and then, on 19 march, a judicial investigation against X for money laundering and tax fraud. The same day, the minister of the budget leaves the government, officially, on its own initiative. Mr. Cahuzac said then that this resignation will not ” change nothing [s]the innocence and the character slanderer of the accusations made “ against him.

But the evidence is mounting and he has no other choice than to go to confession. On April 2, he released a statement in which he claims to have met the two instruction judges assigned to the case :

” I’ve confirmed the existence of this account and I informed them that I had already given the necessary instructions for all assets deposited on this account, which has not been matured for a dozen years, about 600 000 euros, to be repatriated to my bank account in Paris. “

former minister admits to having ” been caught in a spiral of lies “ and ” wrong “, and expressed ” devastated by remorse “. It is, on the same day, brought into consideration.

February 8, 2016, trial, Cahuzac opened in front of the correctional court. But it will be very soon suspended by filing a priority issue of constitutionality (QPC) by the lawyers of Jerome Cahuzac and Patricia Menard, his ex-wife. Both ask the constitutional Council to rule on the conformity to the Constitution of the double prosecution of tax matters and criminal law. Their customers had already paid their tax debt, as well as penalties of 80 %.

The constitutional Council makes its decision on 24 June : ” In the most serious cases of fraudulent concealment of amounts subject to tax “, the double tax proceedings and the criminal was justified in the case of the ex-spouses Cahuzac, ” the biggest tax evaders that the justice system has got to know “, according to the prosecutor of the parquet national financier.

on September 5, The trial resumes. The former minister of the budget requires first of all the existence of his accounts hidden abroad by ensuring that they were intended to finance the political life of Michel Rocard, his mentor. He then refers to the need to maintain the ” train of life “ family, endangered by its conversion into policy. His lawyer finally explains his lies repeated in the national Assembly and to Mr Hollande by an attempt to ” protect “ those who had made him trust, refuting the existence of a ” system “ of organized fraud, preferring to speak of ” escape “.

The parquet national financier requires finally on the 14th of September he was condemned to three years in prison and a penalty of ineligibility of five years, a sentence followed by the judges on 8 December.

The former wife of Jérôme Cahuzac, Patricia, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for the same acts of tax evasion and money laundering.

Have also appeared in the financial intermediary Philippe Houman and the banker François Reyl, of the bank of the same name, in the capacity of legal person accused of having ” organised opacity “ of the assets of the spouses.

The bank Reyl will have to pay 1.8 million euros fine. Its leader, François Reyl, as well as the financial intermediary, Philippe Houman, will have to pay 375 000 euro fine and one-year suspended prison sentence.


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