Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pollution : new measures for clean transport – The Figaro

The alternating circulation struggled to impose itself on Thursday in Paris and its region face, such as a good part of France, to a peak of pollution that has led the minister of the Environment Ségolène Royal to promise new measures in favour of specific transports.

For the third day in a row, the alternating circulation has been renewed in the capital and 22 municipalities in the Ile-de-France to attempt to reduce a peak of pollution in winter unpublished for ten years.

Despite a call to the “good citizenship” launched on Wednesday by the authorities, this measure, the effectiveness is often disputed penalty to impose: the cumulation of caps was at a level judged to be “outstanding” on Thursday morning by the Direction des routes d’ile-de-France, which has identified a peak of 415 km of traffic jam shortly after 08: 30, compared to a little over 300 usually.

on Tuesday, the first day of alternating circulation, the traffic had been reduced by only 5% to 10% compared to a usual day and its impact had been low on pollution, according to Airparif, the body in charge of monitoring the air quality in the paris region. For many motorists interviewed by the AFP, the alternating circulation, “it is nothing”.

“I would not buy another car for work today!”, launched Jug, a contractor for 31 years, until its violation of 22 euros, at the wheel of his pick-up truck registered in odd.

To Steven, a delivery driver for 36 years, “the alternating circulation, is good, but it should also anticipate them. It is not when it is the nose in that it is necessary to do something, the particle, this is throughout the year”.

A large part of France is coughing for several days because of too many particles, these dust particles that blacken the walls and cause respiratory diseases, and cancers.

“slightly better” due Friday

in Addition to the regions of paris and lyon, Grenoble, Rouen, Dunkerque, Calais, Lille, Amiens, the urban areas of the countries of Savoy, Alsace, Hautes-Pyrénées, Tarn-et-Garonne, Haute-Garonne and the Aveyron, around the town of Rodez, are affected by the current episode.

For the first time, the alternating circulation will be set up in Lyon and Villeurbanne, from Friday, while the maximum speeds allowed are lowered in the five departments of the region Hauts-de-France from Wednesday to 18: 00 and will remain until Friday 06: 00.

In the Alsace region, this incident has had an unexpected consequence: light snowfall around of some industrial areas, due to the conjunction of negative temperatures, and fog, and the concentration of particles.

Pressed to act by several elected officials, Ségolène Royal has decided to take “the opportunity” of this pic to propose several measures in support of clean transport in the Council of ministers on Saturday.

The minister of the Environment will propose that “the elected representatives and prefects to make mandatory the certificates of air quality (thumbnails of colors, editor’s note) in the areas to peaks of pollution regular”. Such a sticker is already going to be mandatory in Paris from the 16th of January.

Ms. Royal also hope that the bonus for the purchase of an electric vehicle granted to private individuals to be extended to commercial vehicles and the tax credit for the installation of recharging points for electric for the individuals is increased.

The peak of pollution “show that rules are much more robust are essential,” she estimated. Airparif provides “a little better” Friday, even if the threshold limit should be taken.

For its part, the ministry of Health has indicated that they conduct “surveillance of health effects” at national and regional level. It has also asked the health-care institutions “are prepared to respond to a possible influx of patients in the areas concerned”.

The air pollution is at the origin of 42,000 premature deaths in France, according to the world health Organization (WHO) and costs more than 100 billion euros per year, according to a senate report.


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