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And Macron took the turn humanist…) – The Point

Nobody was there waiting. Emmanuel Macron took the PS to the reverse, Saturday, at his first meeting of the campaign in Paris. Fifteen thousand people heated white to discover the new face of the candidate “Running !” : a humanist, which goes much further than the social balance of this quinquennium ending. It is to ask whether Macron has not left the government Valls, because he was too far to the right…

Joking aside, Macron announced in his book a “Revolution”. In fact, it is revolutionizing the landscape of the left and has, Saturday, revealing the wide range of social measures, which bring together all of the left to reach the second round of the presidential election. His program is a mix of measures that can attract the employees, as the small bosses. It is in this way that he is clever. Macron is addressed to the forces, to those who want to undertake also well in the corporate world in administration or who want to free themselves from the chains of wage-labor to life… we must not neglect here the influence of Richard Ferrand, secretary general of power up !, socialist member once close to Henri Emmanuelli… This mp breton ensures that Macron is not discovered on its left, where, according to the studies, it does account for one third of its support for two-thirds to the right. The rebalancing is in progress…

Macron takes 35 hours to his or her account.

This revolution macronienne is first his, the one he performs on himself : the man who pourfendait the 35 hours has decided to return to his or her account. If he is elected, the 35 hours will remain the legal level of triggering overtime. One can imagine the head of Manuel Valls, who had reined in on several occasions to his young minister when he challenged the dogma of the 35-hour…

On the other hand, in the program of Macron, the State will not impose the higher the level of the increase overtime The company-wide agreement will define the level of the increase. Macron reaffirms the passage the primacy of the business agreement in all areas and not only in working time. It is in that it goes further than the law El Khomri, and that he joined the proposal contained in the program of François Fillon.

A revival of the purchasing power of employees

But for the rest, Macron goes directly to the confrontation with the candidate of the “conservative right” (sic). As Juppé, he carries the fight on the ground of public officials who are not heads to be cut”, or the reimbursement of care. Macron defends police officers and gendarmes, announces 10 000 hires in three years and promises to simplify the procedures that rot the daily life of the forces of law and order. In a tribute to Lionel Jospin and Jean-Pierre Chevènement, he announces that he will restore the “police of proximity”, that François Hollande decided not to make after a much-criticised Nicolas Sarkozy… Macron defends the teachers, to whom he wants to give more autonomy. He pleads for the maintenance of public services in rural areas, where we know that the disappearance creates the voting FN. In short, it is the manifesto of a candidate to be conclusively left who could very well win the upper-hand primary from the left… Th is is a view of the mind : Macron will not compete in this primary, even if Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, Saturday, in the light of this speech, he was offered, ironically, a “free map of the PS”.

Its main difference with Fillon is based on the tool of economic recovery. Where Fillon “puts the package” on the decline of expenses in favour of the enterprises (50 billion euros), Macron announced a reduction of 6 percentage points of the expense for all businesses, but it has, in addition, the effort on the employees ‘ purchasing power. One stimulus only, the other by supply and demand. Surprising on the part of Macron who thought of and supported the policy of the offer of the quinquennium Holland. He announced as well that it would eliminate the health insurance contributions and unemployment for all employees. This decrease would be funded by an increase of 1.7 percentage point of the CSG, of which the base would be wider. The smaller pensions and job seekers would be exempt from this increase, so that capital income and the retired wealthy to be used to support the purchasing power of the middle classes and disadvantaged… If this is not of the left, that is-what it is ? Without doubt that a lot of voters of François Hollande in 2012 expected this gesture that did not come.

The right to unemployment benefits for all

Another important point of the program of humanistic Macron : unemployment insurance universal. Employees, craftsmen, independent workers, business leader, all would have right to unemployment benefits after five years of contribution. More need to be fired, a simple resignation would affect the unemployment. In return, the job applicant could not refuse an offer if it is decent, and it corresponds to his skills. Sarkozy, in 2007, had proposed a device quite similar…

Macron intends to promote the mobility on the labour market and to encourage individual initiative. It reverses the principle of the protection : what you need to protect, these are not the positions but the changes in the situation, secure gateways, rather than annuities. Hence the increased effort on training continues throughout the life, passport for employment in a world that constantly changes.

Against red tape

Macron has also thought of the individuals who undergo the controls fussy of the State. It intends to create a “right for all” (except in criminal matters and in the case of damage to others). In sum, a small pattern that would not have filled its first declaration Urssaf will not be worried. Given the complexity of texts and forms, the State will be forgiving to the first error… Macron wants the Status changes of the systematic control over the board. A cultural revolution in France !

Finally, and it is to be noted, the candidate from Running ! is the only one to give a vibrant tribute in favour of Europe in a world where it is fashionable to be europhobe or eurosceptic. This here is a real bet. They will be little, in 2017, to compete in this niche…


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