Sunday, December 11, 2016

Macron screams in a meeting: “populist” for the one “mystical” to the other – BFMTV.COM

A long cry from the heart. And mocking echo. The howled of the speech delivered by Emmanuel Macron in Paris this Saturday, has earned a lot of mockery to the former minister of the Economy. At the time of encouraging its supporters to mobilise in order to go and bring his good word “all over France” then run “‘Vive la Republic, vive la France”, face turned to the sky and her arms outstretched, the voice of the presidential candidate has reached the heights that he knew not. To the point that the founder of”power up !” has appeared several times on the point of finding himself unable to speak.

A parallel has also been traced between the flight of the former protégé of François Hollande and Jordan Belfort, camped by Leonardo Di Caprio, in Le Wolf of Wall Street.

The cries of Emmanuel Macron infuriate his detractors

But if these cries have been laughing, they have outraged others. The socialist deputy elected in the north, François Lamy, there has seen of “populism”.

mp (RL) elected in the Rhône, Philippe Meunier, who is also worried that we could imagine assigning the button to a nuclear a politician that he considered to be too enthusiastic, has not hesitated to evoke the memory of the thirties.

popular Orator or mystic?

On our antenna this Sunday, as part of BFM’s Policy, Didier Guillaume, (boss of the socialist group in the Senate, and the director of the campaign, Manuel Valls) has also delivered his opinion on the cree of Emmanuel Macron:

“I found that it was a little weird. When one wants to be president, not cry. You would have said that it was inhabited.”

Guest at the “Grand rendez-vous” of Europe 1, Eric Woerth, former Budget minister and now in the service of the candidate of the right, François Fillon, has been a religious reading:

“Macron is rather mystical. You’ve seen the last image of his meeting ? With arms outstretched, the head turned towards the clouds. So I know that it is Christmas soon but a saviour is born to us. There is a bible in there, which is quite comical in some way.”

In this storm of ridicule or criticism, Emmanuel Macron will find there no support? If, and it is coming from where it wasn’t expected. In the show Punchline, which was released by C8, Ségolène Royal, minister of the Environment, has brought to its relief:

“You have to understand, I think, the atmosphere of a meeting, the end of a meeting. It serves no purpose to denigrate, to mock.”


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