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Emmanuel Macron presents himself as “the candidate of work” – The World

the founder of The movement In motion ! held meeting in view of the presidential election, Saturday afternoon, in Paris, at the Parc des expositions.

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Emmanuel Macron at the meeting in paris his movement works ! the Parc des expositions of Paris on 10 December.

at the entrance in hall 6 of the Parc des expositions of Paris, Saturday December 10th, it’s impossible not to make the parallel with the gathering of the Beautiful people’s Alliance, which was held a week earlier at the Door of the Villette.

where the socialist Party (PS) and its satellite had painfully gathered 3,000 people in a gloomy atmosphere, Emmanuel Macron and his supporters have collected five times more, in a climate of enthusiastic. A diverse crowd, the image of the country, made up of about 70 % of supporters of the paris region and 30% of the province, including a lot of young people, in contrast to the audience chenues that we meet regularly in the meetings of the traditional parties.

Story : the activists who walk with Macron

Many doubted the capacity of the movement In motion ! to organize a meeting of this magnitude. The demonstration is made. the ” We can see where is the movement “, writes the senator (PS) of the Rhône and mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb, who seems to have taken a bath in the fountain of youth. Organizers power up ! now claiming 120 000 members : the local committees are created every week and, according to one of the team members, 400 meetings In March ! held each week in the territory. The movement thus launched, difficult, today, to see what can stop it.

Decryption Decoders : Emmanuel Macron, Running ! and the blur of the number of members

” give preference to the contract to the law “

at 16: 45, Emmanuel Macron enters from the back of the hall, crossing with great difficulty the crowd. Galvanized, the candidate made his arrival on stage and greet the public, hand on heart, in a gesture that seems to have become a gimmick of the candidates in the presidential election. the ” We have come a long way since the 6th of April, we’ve done it together “, launching it to a public that drinks his words, and shows a prompt to applaud him as soon as he solicits it, by forcing or lowering the tone.

on the occasion of this great meeting to launch his presidential campaign, where he began to sketch his ” the project of battle, economic and social “, Mr. Macron has wanted to present himself as the ” candidate of work “. First of all, by continuing to reduce the cost to business, for any business : ” Whatever the sector, whatever the size, all will have relief of charges. “

As he had already defended on several occasions, he wants to ” to free the social dialogue closer to the company and to the ground “. The law, in his eyes, should make rules simple and readable (35 hours, minimum wage, equality between women and men) but it is up to negotiations at the industry and company of ” define the right trade-offs “. the ” I want to give priority to the contract to the law “, he repeated.

10 000 staff members in addition

the Third area, that he had already drafted the previous days : the abolition of health insurance contributions and unemployment of employees, the financing of which would be transferred to the generalized social contribution (CSG). This assumes, he said, require efforts in two categories : capital income and the retired wealthy, while protecting pensioners with modest. the ” I ask them this little effort for their children, for their grandchildren, because we need in our country than the job pays. “

The candidate Macron is also planning to go further in the decentralization, strengthening the weight of large cities, in the devolution of services from the State but also in terms of the autonomy of the universities, schools, and health facilities.

It is, however, protested against the project for the elimination of 500,000 jobs in the public service brought by French prime minister François Fillon. the ” Love the State, love the public service, the public services, this is not to say that it is necessary to cut off heads, this is not to say that you don’t change anything, but it must be freeing, liberating energy “, he launched. It also intends to change the relationship between the administration and users by introducing ” a right for all “.

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Finally, Emmanuel Macron has spent the last part of his long – speech (1: 50) to the ” protection of the French people “, defining three shields : security, social, european.

In terms of security, it ensures want to recruit 10,000 police officers and gendarmes during the first three years of the quinquennium. He also wants to simplify procedures and reduce the constraints to strengthening the presence on the ground, by reconstructing in particular the information on a territorial basis. Finally, he said he is in favour of the re-creation of a police de proximité, ” a good idea of Lionel Jospin and Jean-Pierre Chevènement “.

” Only Europe can protect us “

In the social field, that it should develop at greater length in January, he stressed that the ” duty of education “. the ” It may not be the same in all the districts of the Republic. We need to do more for those who have less “, he pleaded. In health, he is again taken to the candidate of the ” the conservative right “, in which the project would impose an average of € 1 200 of health expenses per year. the ” Not a single useful treatment will not be déremboursé “, a-t-launched it.

Mr. Macron was more extensive on the question of unemployment, by advancing the idea of a ” unemployment insurance, ” universal which could benefit the employees but also the autoentrepreneurs, artisans, the self-employed and any person who, at the end of five years of activity, would like to resign.

He also intends to establish ” a right to professional mobility “, which should be accompanied by duties, including those to establish a balance of skill, training and accept a job corresponding to his skills. To do this, he wants to create ” a public service of the formation and activity “.

Finally, it is about the Europe that he concluded his speech, ironisant on the fact that, on this topic, there is no competition. the ” in the Face of the risks of globalization, only Europe can protect us, provides Mr. Macron. in We must again dare to dream Europe, this is our chance. “

Worn by a public acquired to his cause, he launched the ultimate challenge to its competitors. ” For those who were afraid of Running ! to be a solitary adventure, tonight you reassured, he cried out, up to emoting. in This project, together we will wear it. You have me a lot since April. I will carry until the end. You, you’re going to do to win. “

The other candidate Running !, this Saturday the 10th of December, hope to have taken a step in its race to the Elysée.


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