Saturday, December 17, 2016

Attack Nice: three suspects indicted and arrested – BFMTV.COM

Three suspects in the bombings of Nice have been indicted by a judge of anti-terrorism and detained.

The three men suspected to have played a role in the supply of arms to the author of the attack of 14 July in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, had been brought on Friday and presented to the judges of counter-terrorism.

between the Ages of 24, 31 and 36 years, they had been arrested in Nice on Monday, with seven other persons to be released from. The 31-year-old has been indicted for criminal conspiracy to a terrorist criminal. The other two have been indicted on charges of conspiracy to a terrorist criminal and for the violation of the legislation on weapons in relation with a terrorist enterprise.

Pistol and kalashnikov

Since the beginning of the investigations, the investigators concentrated on traces, telephone, in particular, left by the killer, which helped to engage a first set of suspects.

Since then, six people have already been indicted in this investigation. Among them, a couple of Albanian, Artan Henaj and Enkeledja Zace, and a Franco-Tunisian 21 years of age, Ramzi Arefa, suspected of having supplied a gun to the killer, without necessarily having knowledge of his project. The three men indicted Friday, are related in varying degrees to these suspects.

man of 31 years old, born in Tunisia, is believed to have played the role of an intermediary between the couple of Albanians and Ramzi Arefa, said a source close to the investigation. In custody, Ramzi Arefa had claimed that he had been in contact with Artan Henaj through this thirty-year-old.

The 24-year old man, born in Albania, and a cousin of Artan Henaj, is suspected of being involved in a transaction in connection with a kalashnikov.

Radicalization and fascination for the ultra-violence

Nearly six months after the attack, claimed by the group islamic State (EI), the investigators are still trying to unravel the personality disorder and the real motivations of the killer. “There is a mixture of radicalisation (islamic), fascination for the ultra-violence on a background of psychological problems,” a source close to the investigation.

The investigators are questioning the role of one of the first six indicted, Chokri Chafroud, that appears to their eyes as “a mentor affect the personality unstable of his friend,” according to a source close to the folder. Chafroud had been sent to Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, on April 4, a message suggesting: “Load the truck, put in 2,000 tons of iron (…) cut him the brakes my friend and I look at it.”

at this stage, the investigations do not establish that the attack in Nice has been controlled by the group AR from the areas iraqi-syrian.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was dark at the edge of a heavy weight in the crowd, massed on the promenade des Anglais in Nice for the traditional fireworks of 14 July, killing 86 people. He had also shot at police officers before being shot dead.


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