Saturday, December 17, 2016

Air quality improves in Paris and Grenoble, the lifting of restrictions of movement – The Point

a full weekend of holiday departures, the authorities have announced the strike from Saturday midnight of the measures of restrictions of movement made in Paris and Grenoble, the result of an improvement in the quality of the air.

in Paris, the prefect of police announced that the alternating circulation would not be renewed, nor Sunday, nor Monday, is the peak of pollution from particulate matter observed from Thursday should not continue, according to Airparif.

“It will be the same for all binding measures, in particular those relating to the speed reduction and the circumvention of the relevant sector for heavy-duty vehicles,” said the prefect of police in a press release. A meeting is scheduled for Monday “to assess the evolution of the situation.”

According to the organization of monitoring of air quality, Airparif, in the light of “changing weather conditions”, air quality is expected to improve Saturday and Sunday. The “information threshold” to the public (more than 50 micrograms of particles per m3 of air) should not be exceeded on Sunday.

on Friday, this threshold had not been reached, the fine particle concentrations up to 39 ág/m3 in the Ile-de-France, while the forecasters had predicted an “overflow” of the order of 50 to 70 µg/m3.

An overflow has also been planned for Saturday. The results will be known Sunday.

The capital was known in early December to a peak of pollution in winter unprecedented in the past 10 years by its length and its intensity. The city has benefited from a few days of respite before the return Thursday of a new episode of pollution with fine particulate matter emitted by traffic and some of the systems of heating (open fireplaces).

The stagnation of these microscopic dust on the top of Paris has been favoured by anticyclonic situation, which should remain until the middle of next week, according to Météo France, but with a little more wind and lower inversion temperatures, the origin of a “lid” on the city.

a Christmas week and a full weekend of holiday departures, the mayor of Paris had asked the police to show “leniency” in the face of violations of the alternating circulation applied in the capital and 22 municipalities of the small crown.

The air quality is also improved in the grenoble basin, according to the prefecture of the Isère river, which has announced the lifting of restrictions on movement put in place for a week to deal with the peak of pollution.

Elsewhere in the Rhône-Alpes region, the alert for pollution was maintained, in Lyon, in the Rhone valley, in the west of the Ain and in the Alps (valley of the Arve river and urban area of the country of Savoy).

further north in Burgundy, the Yonne département has also been placed on alert for pollution, leading to a decline of 20 km/h speed on the roads outside the metropolitan area, as is already the case in a large part of the Rhône-Alpes.

In Savoie, the movement of lorries, the most polluting is prohibited from noon Saturday

17/12/2016 17:38:38 – Paris (AFP) – © 2016 AFP


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