Tribute to the victims of the crash of the flight from Paris to Cairo with Egyptair on may 26, 2016 in Cairo. – NEW CHINA/SIPA

New twist in the investigation into the crash of EgyptAir Paris-Cairo. A few days after the announcement by the egyptian authorities of the discovery of traces of explosives on passengers, the prosecutor general, egypt has just announced the return of the bodies of the victims.

Coordination with foreign embassies

The prosecutor has ordered the release of the bodies “of the victims are egyptian, and there is currently a need to coordinate with foreign embassies to give them the remains of foreign victims” of the crash who has made 66 dead, of which 40 Egyptians and 15 French, according to a press release.

The flight MS804 was damaged in the Mediterranean sea between Crete and the northern coast of Egypt, after having suddenly disappeared from the radar screens.

The track of the attacks confirmed ?

The egyptian authorities have always taken the track of the attack and have announced this week that it has found traces of explosives on the victims of the crash.

But the French investigators are skeptical and favor the hypothesis of a technical incident. The analysis of one of the black boxes -the one containing the flight data – has revealed that alerts of the smoke on board were triggered before the crash of the Airbus A320.

The French government, who had again called on Egypt this week to deliver the victims ‘ bodies to their families, reacted Saturday night to the announcement : “This is an important decision, as the families were waiting with impatience, and which the French authorities had recalled the emergency several times in recent months, including by the voice of Jean-Marc Ayrault, minister of foreign Affairs and international Development”, explains the quai d’orsay in a press release. “The French authorities wish that this decision is implemented as quickly as possible and are at the disposal of the egyptian authorities to this end”, he adds..

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