Sunday, December 4, 2016

Attack of police at Viry : a 17-year-old put in a review –

The investigation into the attack on police officers in the month of October in the parisian suburbs who had made two serious injuries is progressing. A minor has been indicted. This aggression had triggered a movement of discontent across the country.

The minor, who is suspected of having participated in the making of the Molotov cocktails used during the aggression and “indicted for complicity in the attempt of murder on the persons vested with public authority”, has been arrested, said yesterday the public prosecutor of Evry, Eric Lallement. He is the first suspect indicted for the attack, which occurred on October 8, during which two officers were severely burned, and that triggered in the profession, an anger not completely turned off : gatherings of police officers, encouraged via the social networks, were planned yesterday in several cities of France.

A second minor 15 years of age, suspected as the first to have “in particular” part in the manufacture of incendiary devices, has been placed “under status of witness assisted”, an intermediary between the indictment and that of an ordinary witness, has added the magistrate. The two teenagers had been arrested on Thursday and interviewed by the investigators of the Safety of the département of the Essonne.

at the Beginning of November, three young men of 16, 19 and 22 years of age, suspected of having filmed and then put online videos of the assault, had been arrested and then released.

None of the direct perpetrators of the aggression has so far been arrested, in spite of the research of DNA carried out on objects found on the scene of the attack and the analysis of several video-tapes.

The growls of police officers

The attack had sparked a broad mobilization of police, made of gatherings in the evening, outside the union, and most often without permission.

The movement, which had started on 17 October with a parade surprise on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, has out-of-breath from mid-November, but never turn off completely, despite announcements of the government.

the minister of The Interior Bernard Cazeneuve has announced a budget of 250 million euros including new equipment and vehicles, and has promised a legislative text on the self-defence of police officers. Initially announced for November, this bill, which is supposed to align the rules for the use of the weapons of the police on those that are more flexible, of the policemen, is now expected at the council of ministers of 21 December and then in Parliament in January.

But the grumbling has taken over at the end of November, and new claims have emerged, this time concerning the complexity and the cumbersome nature of the proceedings, including during police custody. A thousand police officers have asked for the withdrawal of their authorisation to officers of the judicial police, a gesture of protest largely symbolic.

in Addition to the continuation of the order, the police, as the police have the task of investigating crimes and offences. In this framework, they must comply with the rules of criminal procedure, under penalty of disrupt the proceedings.

A new national event of the “police anger” is announced for the 13 December.

A police officer still hospitalized

On October 8, fifteen of the attackers had set fire to two police cars, occupied by four agents in the surveillance mission in the vicinity of a red light to a sensitive area of the Great Terminal known for its robberies with violence on motorists.

the Two policemen were very seriously burned, of whom one, the deputy security of 28 years, is still being cared for at the Saint-Louis hospital in Paris, according to a police source. The other two police officers have been more lightly affected.


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