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“Beautiful people’s Alliance”: the PS tries to give breath to his primary – The Point

The PS has made efforts Saturday, two days after the resignation of François Hollande, to give breath to his primary calling Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon to join, during the “national Convention” of the Beautiful people’s Alliance.

The meeting, which was attended by ni Manuel Valls or several declared candidates in the primary such as Arnaud Montebourg or Benoît Hamon, has also looked like a tribute to the outgoing chairman and to its balance sheet, interspersed with calls to counter the program “reactionary” to the right.

“Yes, the primary is the means of imposing the unit, to ensure that separated families are reunited, and once again, my turn, I launch an appeal to those who have not understood that today modernity is that the people, slice, and not to decide instead of the people (…) I appeal to Emmanuel Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon: join the primary of the left !”, said the first secretary Jean-Christophe Cambadélis to the forum.

The PS, long suspected of wanting to organize a “small primary school” 22 and 29 January, to get in the saddle the candidate François Hollande, has now changed his gun to the shoulder, wishing to visibly give scale to the event after the success of the primary right and the renunciation of the president.

“We will ensure that the primary of the left will be a huge success,” said Mr. Cambadélis in the conclusion of his speech.

The event, originally conceived as the gathering of all the representatives of the “Beautiful people’s Alliance” in Paris and for which Mr. Cambadélis hoped in September, around 10,000 people, gathered that about 2,500, in a congress centre in Paris (Xix) with amount of giant screens.

A narrowing at the image of the difficult path of the Beautiful people’s Alliance, of which the project of “exceed” the PS in adding radicals, environmentalists, pro-government, unions and the voluntary sector has been a relative failure -the PRG has slammed the door as soon as June, Generation ecology last week.

48 hours after the cessation of François Hollande to run for a second mandate in 2017, the number one of the PS has displayed the “respect for a man who has faced and that which today clears up for us to leave the place”. “Respect for this man who thought first of France, and has seen the situation in which she was, and who did not want to add to the confusion, the difficulty, the controversy ( … ). respect yes, François Hollande (…) thou art the honor of the left.”

The Prime minister, who was originally scheduled to give a great speech, was not finally present. While he must soon declare his candidacy for the primary, the direction of the PS had the heart not to give rise to accusations of bias.

however, succeeded to the tribune, the socialist ministers Marisol Touraine, and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, or environmentalists Jean-Vincent Placed and Emmanuelle Cosse.

the First secretary of The PS has not had words quite hard against François Fillon, a man “in the image” of “the right of better-off people” who chose who “has sailed much in politics,” and against his “project to break social regression moral,” “a man under the influence: (Henri De Castries (ex-Ceo of Axa) for the economy, (Vladimir) Putin for foreign policy, Common sense to the problems of society”.

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