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Battle left-to-right in the Assembly on the criminal offence of obstructing digital ABORTIONS – The Point

The battle over ABORTION has flared up on Thursday at the national Assembly, during the consideration of a proposal of law socialist to penalize the sites of “misinformation”, fought by the right and the catholic hierarchy.

where the majority of the left wants to “better protect the right to abortion” in the face of the internet sites that “move hidden”, the right sees a text that “flirts dangerously with the creation of a crime of opinion.”

In a context of pre-election campaign for 2017, and on a subject where Alain Juppé has attacked French prime minister François Fillon during the primary from the right, the text is the subject of 76 amendments, mainly of LR, in the name of “freedom of expression”, and the extreme right. They should be discussed in the afternoon.

The whole of the left as well as a majority of the centrists approve of the proposed law.

The discussion is also done on the canvas, with bursts of tweets of opponents (Alliance Vita, Fondation Lejeune…) and a petition supporting the text launched by the collective Dare feminism, totaling more than 20,000 signatures.

in Front of a few dozens of mps and in an atmosphere that is sometimes rough, the minister of women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol has supported the project to “strengthen the fundamental right of women to control their bodies”, hammering that “freedom of opinion is not the right to lie.”

The text of the socialist group plans to extend the digital the criminal offence of obstructing the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, which was created in 1993 and sanctioned by a penalty of up to two years imprisonment and 30,000 euros fine.

- ‘Marker ideological’ -

originally Designed for the “commandos” that were disrupting the institutions involved in the abortion, or threatening the personnel, this offense has already been extended in 2014 to disrupt the access of women to information on ABORTION.

“today, it is on the canvas as their heirs continue to fight this battle,” added the minister, citing “small groups that are hidden behind the platforms of the apparently neutral and objective”.

Some sites “promise of the appointment that never happen” and indicate “of ABORTION clinics that do not exist”, had pointed out in committee, the rapporteur Catherine Coutelle (PS), chair of the delegation for women’s rights at the Meeting.

the Internet is often the first source of health information, particularly for the younger, she also noted. More than 220,000 abortions are performed every year in France.

In the chamber, right, represented in particular by several members of the Cartel mp for the family, which had been advanced against same-sex marriage, has placed the debate on the ground of “freedom of expression”.

The initiative of the socialists “is liberticidal and contrary to the France of the Enlightenment”, has blasted Christian Kert (LR), in which the motion of rejection screening has been postponed. His group already plans to seize the constitutional Council.

The left uses “of this topic yet so intimate, the bearer often great suffering for many women, as a marker of ideological”, he also estimated.

His colleague Dominique Tian has held that “the appeal of the bishops of France must not be ignored”. Their president, Monsignor Georges Pontier, has written to François Hollande, that he may cause failure of a text. The chair of the committee on social Affairs, Catherine Lemorton (PS) has objected to the principle of secularism.

Nearly 42 years after the Veil law that legalized abortion, a number of elected members of the left have accused in the hollow the right to want to question this right, on a background of attempts to do so in Spain or in Poland.

according to Ms. Lemorton, “the acquis is illusory”. Others have cited Simone de Beauvoir: “never forget that it will be enough of a crisis political, economic, or religious for that women’s rights are in jeopardy.”

“Contrary to allegations, no one here does not question” the right to abortion, replied Isabelle Le Callennec, vice-president of the party LR and close to François Fillon. “Rather than maintaining a sterile polemic (…) shouldn’t you pay more attention to the promotion of contraception”, she asked the government.

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