Thursday, December 1, 2016

“Hell”, “great replacement”: the support of elected officials against the criminal offence of obstructing the ABORTION – The Express

Nearly 42 years after the Veil law, ABORTION was hardly consensus in Parliament. Proof of that is the debate that took place on Thursday at the national Assembly, where was discussed the proposal of law socialist aimed at penalising sites with so called “misinformation” around the interruption of pregnancy.

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While the majority said it was looking to “better protect the right to abortion” in the face of the Internet sites that “move hidden”, the right (and, a fortiori, the far right) to berate him a text that “flirts dangerously with the creation of a crime of opinion”.

The right of women to dispose of their bodies

In a heated atmosphere, the minister of women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, was given the the. Supporting the text, proposed by the socialist group, the minister wants “to consolidate the fundamental right of women to control their bodies”.

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One argument that has taken over the mp ecologist of the Vienna Véronique Massonneau, citing the words of the elected Republicans (LR) Aurore Bergé, who believes that being “against ABORTION is an opinion. To deliberately hinder the right to information of women is a violation of their human rights”.

“It is a poison and a scandal”, had written the young elected on his account Facebook. “Reject this poison and let’s get that text right”, has roared Véronique Massonneau.

Phenomenon “suit and tie”

Another highlight of the debate: the presence of only one woman in the pews of LR, the filloniste Isabelle Le Callennec, recently named second vice-president of the party. A phenomenon of “suit and tie” that the chairperson of the commission of social Affairs, the member for Haute-Garonne, Catherine Lemorton, did not fail to emphasize in his speech.

This ‘tribute’ has not prevented Isabelle Le Callennec to defend its position and accuse the government of maintaining a “sterile polemic” rather than “more focus on the promotion of contraception”.

“no fear” of hell

The intervention of the member PS of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques Martin Lignières-Cassou has also attracted the attention. She quotes a letter which was sent by the Father, Jean Regis Fropo. In it, the one who acts as an exorcist in the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon prevents that by signing the bill, she “sign [his] entered hell”.

A about which the parliamentary responds simply: “no fear!”

The right and the extreme right to invoke the freedom of expression

The right, represented in particular by several members of the Cartel mp for the family, which had been advanced against same-sex marriage, has placed the debate on the ground of “freedom of expression”.

within LR, the member of parliament of the English Channel Philippe Gosselin is a key to sound the charge against the bill. At the forum, the opponent is well-known to the marriage for all has criticised the “sole thought” that would seek to “impose” the government of Manuel Valls.

others, such as the member of parliament for the Bouches-du-Rhône Dominique Tian, have called the defenders of the proposal don’t ignore the “call of the bishops of France”, whose president, Archbishop Georges Pontier, who wrote a letter to François Hollande, the caller to fail the text. Elected from the same department, Christian Kert (LR) has ruled that the initiative socialist “is liberticidal and contrary to the France of the Enlightenment”.

The return of Jean-Frédéric Poisson

The debate was also an opportunity for the ex-candidate in the primary to right, Jean-Frédéric Poisson, to take over the pulpit to speak about one of his favorite topics.

the president of The christian democratic Party has called on his colleagues: “How do you explain that the government website is the only one not to give voice to the women who have had abortions, and why things went wrong?”

“We will be judged”

Denouncing “the corridors of libertarianism” and the “ideologues to the orders of the pharmaceutical laboratories”, the deputy mayor of Orange, Jacques Bompard, didn’t go of dead hand. Taking to witness his colleagues, the founder of the League of the South has estimated that mps would be “judged”, among other things, “for having preferred the Great Replacement to the pro-natalist policy, the destruction of our Civilization rather than the Nation of mothers and families with many children”.

And the member of parliament non-registered continue the anaphora by accusing his colleagues of having “left the furies of the abortion of the mass torturing those who offered the choice of life for women suffering”.


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