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Bernard Cazeneuve named prime minister – The World

The interior minister left the place Beauvau, and joined the prime minister for the last five months of the quinquennium of Francois Hollande.

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Bernard Cazeneuve, Bernard Schmeltz, prefect of Corsica (to the left), and Dominique Bucchini, president of the Corsican Assembly (right), in Ajaccio, on December 3, 2016.

Definitely, he has become the man of difficult missions of the quinquennium. Bernard Cazeneuve has been appointed prime minister, Tuesday, December 6, François Hollande, in replacement of Manuel Valls, party-in campaign for the primary socialist. The interior minister left the place Beauvau, after thirty-two months to his head.

over five years, this son of a teacher, a socialist, a 53-year-old, has established itself as one of the key pieces of the chessboard Dutch. Yet nothing predisposed this fabiusien to become one of the men of confidence of the head of State. Of course, François Hollande had made it one of its spokesperson during the presidential campaign of 2012, but it is faced with the exercise of the power which his political sense and his discretion have emerged from the Elysée, to the point of becoming a veritable swiss army knife of ministry.

It is to him that once elected to the presidency, François Hollande, entrust the delicate mission to swallow the socialist majority for the adoption of the dry treaty of the european stability (TSCG) that he had promised to renegotiate during the campaign. Appointed in may 2012 minister delegate for european affairs, noniste of the 2005 referendum succeeds in adopting the text, despite a start to sling a few socialist deputies.

Ability near-robotics

Less than a year later, in march 2013, he moved into a disaster at the quai d’orsay in paris-Bercy, to replace budget minister Jérôme Cahuzac, carried away by his lie tax. In a first time, Bernard Cazeneuve declines, not feeling ready to ” to dive into the Excel tables “, ” he explained at the time. the ” You’re wrong, you do it very well “, insists François Hollande.

Loyal, Cazeneuve complies and swallows all speed the reports of the finance directorate. He earns the nickname “R2D2″ from some socialist deputies, for its ability almost robotic to control the budgetary data. His ascension would have had to stop there. But, in April 2014, the that is powered to the ministry of the interior, already in replacement of Manuel Valls, a party at Matignon after the defeat of PS in municipal elections.

Cazeneuve, the quiet one, who speaks low, and tastes little of the strokes of the chin, named a “minister of the news” ! Once again, François Hollande, was chosen by trust. The head of State, at the time, was blocked by Jean-Jacques Urvoas, driven by Manuel Valls, and François Rebsamen, the new prime minister does not want to Beauvau. The former mayor of Cherbourg becomes the perfect solution.

Manage the crisis of migrants

Since his arrival at the head of the departments and of the police, Bernard Cazeneuve, had to face the worst crisis of the last five years. First the death, in October 2014, Rémi Fraisse, environmental activist killed by the explosion of a grenade fired by a policeman during a rally against a dam project in Sivens, in the Tarn. And then, of course, the wave of terrorist attacks unprecedented, which has hit the country : the massacres of Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Hide in the January 2015 attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, 13 November 2015, the killing of Nice of 14 July 2016 and the death of the father Hamel at the church of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray (Seine-Maritime), to July 26, 2016.

Its management of events is every time welcomed by the executive, even if, after the bombing in Nice, the opposition is trying to emphasize its non-anticipation of the drama. At the same time, Bernard Cazeneuve, Beauvau, has to deal with the crisis of migrants, as well as the implementation of the state of emergency from November 2015, and the supervision of demonstrations against the law work in the spring of 2016.

The new prime minister has never publicly objected to a decision of the executive. Even if, in private, he had not hidden his reservations against the deprivation of nationality, and was opposed to Manuel Valls on the principle of the prohibition of a gathering anti-law work in June. Recently, Bernard Cazeneuve was also moved, in front of friends and family, to the publication in the book ” A president should not say that… ” (Stock) of private conversations between the head of State and other political leaders.

But he took care, in recent weeks, not to take sides in the standoff between François Hollande and Manuel Valls for candidacy for the presidential 2017. It is, therefore, a man that he thinks is safe and enjoyed by many in the majority that the president of the Republic has chosen his side for the last five months of his mandate. According to Obs, the new prime minister has intimated that he might put an end to his life in politics after the presidential election, choosing not to be a candidate for the legislative in the English Channel – he was the deputy from 1997 to 2002, re-elected in 2007 – or to the city hall of Cherbourg.

” If I was Valls, I would be afraid “

beyond The political crises, Bernard Cazeneuve, has even become a close friend of the president of the Republic. At the heart of the summer of 2015, François Hollande, had attended his marriage with the mother of his children, therefore he was divorced, at the city hall of Aiguines, a small village in the Var. The head of State was celebrated his 61e anniversary at the wedding dinner. A symbol of his entry into the very closed circle of the ” Hollandie “, Bernard Cazeneuve, had chosen as a witness staff Jean-Pierre Jouyet, the secretary general of the Elysee and a friend of youth by the head of State.

at the time, the closeness displayed between François Hollande and Bernard Cazeneuve, had alarmed the relatives of Manuel Valls, absent from all these meals in summer. the ” If I was Valls, I would be afraid. A marmoset like this may be the next prime minister “, had smiled, in private, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, about Bernard Cazeneuve. the ” Me, prime minister, it doesn’t exist ! This is the tarabistouille ! “, had reacted to the person concerned. The tarabistouille comes finally to become a reality.


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