Tuesday, December 6, 2016

France-Cazeneuve, Prime minister, Red on the Inside – Boursorama


 (Repeat word missing) * Reorganization five days after the cessation of Holland * The president asked Cazeneuve to "prepare the future" * The opposition speaks of a non-event by Elizabeth Pineau and Jean-Baptiste Vey PARIS, December 6 (Reuters) - Bernard Cazeneuve, on Tuesday was appointed in replacement of Manuel Valls at the head of the French government, where Bruno Le Roux is the new minister of the Interior at the end of a shift to a minimum which leaves unchanged the equilibrium in the majority. This new team will be responsible to govern up to the presidential election of April-may, at which the president, François Hollande, has waived his right to appear. The reshuffle occurs five days after the presidential announcement, which has led to Manuel Valls to begin Monday in the race to the Elysee, through the primary that the left organizes in January. Bernard Cazeneuve arrives at Matignon with a reputation consolidated by his handling of the terrorist threat that weighs o   n France, hit the last two years by bombings, despite the flaws identified by the right-wing opposition. Travelers in the suburbs of paris, François Hollande has said, by asking him to "protect" the country and "prepare for the future". "The mission that I have entrusted (...) to the government, it is go until the end, until the last day in the preparation of the future because it is the duty that one has vis-à-vis future generations", he said, while his entourage applauded the "sense of the State" and "the ability to gather together" the new tenant of Matignon. "With @BCazeneuve France is in good hands! Ethics, compliance, anchorage and effectiveness," commented his side on Twitter, the first secretary of the PS, Jean-Christophe Cambadélis. Other faithful of the head of State, Bruno Le Roux was previously the president of the group PS in the national Assembly. He said in front of the press felt "a great responsibility" in his new role. The former minister François Rebsamen has    made it known on Twitter that he had refused the post of minister of the Interior to dedicate to the city of Dijon. André Vallini was appointed secretary of State in charge of Relations with Parliament Jean-Marie Le Guen, secretary of State for Development and Francophonie. The two men have exchanged their positions. "GOVERNMENT GATEWAY" Mp and then senator for the Isere, André Vallini is considered to be a "Dutch" history, unlike Jean-Marie Le Guen, close to Manuel Valls. The rest of the government is unchanged compared to the previous one. The radical left are not penalised by the application of the minister of Housing, Sylvia Pinel, in the presidential election outside a primary from the left. "The goal was to have a government immediately operational, with men and women of experience", a-t-is explained in the entourage of François Hollande. The transfer of power to the prime minister's office should take place on Tuesday afternoon, before a council of ministers comprising the    government at large Wednesday. The reactions to this redesign have been to the right, the opportunity to highlight what the opposition sees as the failure of the policy conducted under the five-year term of François Hollande. "Mr. Holland pulls down the cards that remain, and there remains to him in his game amount any more large-thing", commented on LCI Valérie Debord, a spokesperson for the Republicans. "These cards are not aces, these are the worst of the minions." For the former minister for The Republicans, Eric Woerth, the appointment of a "government gateway that will work until the next election" is a non-event. The deputy national Front, Gilbert Collard described on LCI a "sense of bric-à-brac". Bernard Cazeneuve, "will go down in History as the Cazeneuve-le-bref, who has held the post of Prime minister for a few months because they have to find someone to fill the gap of the institutional vacuum." Alexis Corbiere, a spokesperson for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, candidate of "T   he France insubordinate" to the presidential election, has also downplayed the importance of this redesign. "On the political level, it is the continuity of all the ways this has been done previously", he said on franceinfo. (With Simon Carraud, edited by Yves Clarisse) 

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