Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bomb attack foiled in France : the sixth suspect arrested in Strasbourg indicted and arrested – Franceinfo

The man had been arrested by the police of the general directorate of internal security (ISB). After three days of police custody, the suspect has been transferred to the palace of justice in Paris, where he has been indicted for “criminal association criminal terrorist” and “acquisition, possession, transport, supply or sale of weapons” in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, said a source close to the investigation.

His DNA was found on a gun found during previous searches at Strasbourg, according to this source which says that he is suspected of”providing weapons” to the cell that was planning a terrorist attack in the paris region.

on The 25th of November, five men – four French citizens, aged 35 to 37 years, and a Moroccan-46 years old – had been indicted and arrested, suspected of having wanted to commit an attack on the 1st of December in the paris region. Arrested in Strasbourg for the first four and in Marseille for the fifth, they had made allegiance to the group jihadist islamic State and had instructions “communicated by a client from the iraqi-syrian”, according to the prosecutor of the Republic Francois Molins.

Among them, only one, the Moroccan arrested in Marseille, was reported to radicalization by the Portuguese authorities, countries where he lived. The other, four friends from Strasbourg, were unknown to the intelligence services, even if two of them are believed to have travelled to Syria in 2015.
These arrests had prevented “a major attack” according to president François Hollande. According to the prosecutor Molins, the passage to the act of the strasbourg project group was scheduled for 1 December, “we cannot determine at this stage the precise target chosen.”

The operation of telephones and computers found during a search revealed research on the internet on a dozen sites in the paris region such as the 36 quai des Orfèvres, the headquarters of the judicial police, the Christmas market of Champs-Elysées, Disneyland Paris, the terraces of cafés in the Twentieth arrondissement, a metro station and several places of worship. In police custody, one of the suspects arrested in Strasbourg, had referred to the headquarters of the PJ in paris, but also that of the ISB in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine).
This crackdown has taken place in a context of a terrorist threat is maximum in France, struck for nearly two years by a wave of terrorist attacks unprecedented, having made 238 dead. According to the former minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, 17 attacks have been thwarted since the beginning of the year, seven in 2015.


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