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Brawl in front of a high school in Marseilles : the alleged perpetrator has acknowledged the facts – The Point

A fight between high school students broke out in front of a professional high school to the southern districts of Marseille. A teenager of 16 years died on Thursday after being stabbed in the neck. Five people were then arrested and placed in police custody, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, Xavier Tarabeux. “This death is a result, apparently, of a dispute between two high school students who are in their first year of professional degree, a dispute which we do not know the origin,” he previously said in front of the press at the scene.

The high school student suspected of having carried the knife mortals admitted the facts in police custody, has it learned Friday from source close to the investigation. “He recognized in police custody, it remains to characterize the facts “, explained the source. The dispute initial between two high school students, which led to the drama, is “a chicaya, a confused high school students,” according to the first elements of the investigation, entrusted to the departmental safety. The prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille did not want to comment in the immediate future and should hold a press conference on Friday to 16 hours. The four high school students and the mother of the alleged perpetrator had been placed in police custody on Thursday evening.

No known history

At the exit of the course, he explained, a brawl broke out in front of the high school Poinso-Chapuis between a high school student that his mother had come to seek and to another with which there was conflict, accompanied by three students from the lycée Léonard-de-Vinci, a city-center property. The mask is able to separate them, but the young man who was accompanied by his mother took out a knife and has struck two blows in one of the high school students of Leonardo da Vinci, wounding him seriously. Supported by the marine brigade while she was in cardio-respiratory arrest, the victim died during his transport to the hospital. “We found the presence of two great evils, two stabbings that have been made both at the level of the thorax and at the level of the carotid artery, it is this that has resulted in the death of the victim,” said Xavier Tarabeux. The four high school students involved, including the attacker, were arrested, as well as the mother of the latter , said Xavier Tarabeux. The attacker “has no known history,” he said.

The property Poinso-Chapuis is located in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, in a district rather easy, rarely touched by the violence that is experienced by some cities disadvantaged of the city. Not far from the sea, it is specialized in the fields of boating, inlay, marine, cabinet making or maintenance in the water. To 18 hours, high school, bag on the back, came out slowly from the street to the high school, completely blocked by the forces of law and order, even for the local residents. A little later, when small groups of inhabitants were allowed to return to their home, a woman, surrounded by police officers inside the security zone, collapsed in tears.

Not isolated

In a statement, the minister of national Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem expressed his ” immense emotion “. The minister has ” extended his sincere condolences to the family and relatives of the high school student “. “A cell medico-psychological is available to students and the whole educational community and will stay as long as necessary,” she said. According to the daily newspaper Provence, a number of violent incidents have been identified in high schools in marseille recently : in a lycée in the 15th arrondissement (northern districts), teachers have exercised their right of withdrawal after an intrusion threatening and in a lycée in the 3rd arrondissement, a high school student was injured in a fight with a knife.

” A large number of colleagues alert us about the great tension that prevails in Marseille, in the last few weeks, especially but not only before the institutions of education a priority, ” responded in a press release Gilles Auteroche, academic secretary of the national Union of the personnel of department of national Education (SNPEN-UNSA). The trade unionist says he has expressed “concerns” to the rector, and having requested the presence of security agents in front of the establishments. “The violence that was unleashed in front of this school this evening demonstrates that it is urgent to work on all these issues of education,” responded the vice-president to the security of the region Paca, Caroline Pozmentier. A meeting around the prefect must be organized in an emergency ” with all partners “, she added, in the face of ” this violence is intolerable “.


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