Friday, December 2, 2016

Tarn : it is the avian flu virus which has struck a farm-to-Almayrac – Franceinfo

The information is now confirmed by the ministry of agriculture : an outbreak of avian influenza H5N8, a “highly pathogenic” to birds, has been
detected in a duck farm in the commune of tarn of Almayrac

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Les routes d'access to the'livestock have been locked © Maxppp

© Maxppp The routes of access to livestock have been locked

Since last Sunday, 3000 ducks from a farm in the tarn that had 5000 are dead, killed by a bacterium that attacks the neurological system. The results of the veterinary analyses clearly indicate that it is indeed a virus of the avian flu.
All the ducks surviving livestock will be slaughtered this Friday.
This farm is located on county road 905, near the lake of the Roucarié in the municipality of Almayrac. This lake is a resting place during migration of wild ducks. This proximity could explain the spread of the virus to the nearby cattle.

Result : France will not be able to export poultry and foie gras outside of Europe.
This virus, “harmless to man”, was a first time been detected on the 26th of November in the Pas-de-Calais on wild ducks. His appearance in a farming this time, “will not allow France to recover the 3 December, as planned, its free status for avian influenza”, which is essential to export poultry and foie gras outside of Europe, ” says the ministry in a press release.


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