Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coignard – Cazeneuve : the solemnity of the void – The Point

Bernard Cazeneuve is very solemn on Tuesday, December 13, when it rises to the rostrum of the national Assembly. It must present its projects for the last five months of the quinquennium. But it starts where we do not expect it. On a field outside its competence, the foreign policy : “At the time when I speak to you, a humanitarian tragedy appalling hits the city of Aleppo and its civilian population. The women and children of Aleppo, after months of siege, fleeing under the bombs and are the victims of countless atrocities. “It tells us nothing : there’s no need to be a head of government to be moved to the syrian tragedy.

” It is the honour of France, he continues, to have been one of the few nations to attempt to prevent, as early as the summer of 2013, the total war waged by Bashar al-Assad against his own people. Never will we accept in the name of an alleged realism, we combine today, with officials of the martyrdom of Aleppo. These are the same people who have left Daech resume Palmyra. On behalf of the government of France, and I am sure, in your name, I denounce the horror of these massacres, and I say that those who have perpetrated will have to give an account before the international community. With you, I know that they will face the severe judgment of history. This is what the circumstances lead me to declare solemnly in the preamble to this declaration of general policy. “

What was Bernard Cazeneuve, it is the failure of French diplomacy on this issue. François Hollande has never ceased to repeat, on every tone, that Bashar el-Assad had to go. Obviously, the fall of Aleppo shows the futility of such incantations. It is Moscow, not Paris, who leads the dance.

small talk

But, for the ephemeral Prime minister, it is necessary to furnish it. That say, in effect, when one is appointed for a short term contract, in which the determined duration does not exceed five months ? A quote from Pierre Mendès France on “difficulties and dangers” do not eat bread. For the rest, it is sufficient, after the sequence of emotion, of godiller between the exaltation of the balance sheet, the Dutch and the denunciation of the agenda of the right.

It is a question of social protection. And then the respect of the public service. And then the fight against terrorism. With, as theme, permanent, respect, put in all the sauces. Finally, it appears that this government will continue to fight against unemployment. Was it really convene the martyrdom of Aleppo to cover such trivialities ?


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