Monday, December 12, 2016

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem joined Manuel Valls, Le Figaro

Pillar of the government since 2012, loyal to François Hollande, the minister of national Education, praises the”experience of the State,” the former prime minister.

the war of The supports started in the socialist Party. But also within the government. If the setpoint official is not to speak ill of any of the candidates, the ministers are free to announce their support for their champion. “Restraint, measure and balance in participation in the internal matters to the left”, has asked Bernard Cazeneuve, the new head of government on Thursday. To stay loyal, many of the supporters of François Hollande was transferred to Manuel Valls. This is the case of Juliette Méadel, Laurence Rossignol and Jean-Vincent Placed. On Monday, the former prime minister just make a homing weight: Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, minister of national Education.

While his name had been mentioned among the possible candidates to the primary of the left – of the socialists had even chanted, “Najat president” at the national convention of the Beautiful people’s alliance – the socialist wants to “take [his] hand in the reconstruction and the gathering of the left”. “I call on all the future voters of the primary-to-left (not to be mistaken of an issue in the days and weeks to come,” she wrote in a column published on the website of Obs, three days of the deadline for submission of applications. For Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, only Manuel Valls “seems to embody the startle desired by the president of the Republic”. She continues: “Only one candidate seems to me to have the experience of the State, forged in the test, which allows you to build and bring a project in which we will be able to find when it will hold the presidential campaign, and then govern: Manuel Valls&# 8221;. The minister said “by taking part in a collective dynamic union of all the left”. “For me, it is the choice of the responsibility.” His entourage says that it has “taken the time to think” and that his decision was taken for a few days. The entry into campaign of Vincent Peillon has therefore not changed his mind.

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem does not evade the “disagreements” and “disputes” that it has been able to have with Manuel Valls. “For me, the first one, I had the opportunity to say my dispute, and I have been able to experience, every time, his sincerity in the dialogue, and the willingness to respect the collective decision. The campaign opens will eliminate misunderstandings, to overcome these disagreements,” admits she. This summer, when Manuel Valls supported the mayors who make use of the arrested anti-burkini, the host of the rue de Grenelle had distanced itself publicly. “Where are you going to verify that a holding is consistent with good manners?”, had she moved. She says now recognize in the left Manuel Valls, “a force for transformation of society, at the service of social progress and the values of the Republic”. “They did all of the quinquennium as a whole, they trust each other, and even if she expressed dis agreement, she remains loyal, the solidarity government premium. We never agree 100% with someone,” says-t-on.

in The government since 2012, first as minister of women’s Rights, then of national Education – Najat Vallaud-Belkacem was part of the bodyguard of Ségolène Royal in 2007. “Its political sensitivity could be closer instead of Vincent Peillon, but his rallying to Manuel Valls proves that the candidate gathers”, welcomes the neo-vallsiste Olivier Dussopt. “This support is not a surprise, but it is a good news, the minister represents the renewal of the political class.”


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