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Cazeneuve will pronounce his general policy speech – The Cross

The First minister Bernard Cazeneuve during a déplacement à Bordeaux 9 déDecember 2016 / AFP

The First minister Bernard Cazeneuve during a trip to Bordeaux on December 9, 2016 / AFP

Bernard Cazeneuve, promised the lease of the prime minister the shorter of the Fifth Republic, pronounced on Tuesday his declaration of general policy, anxious to convince him that he is not there to “extinguish the light” of the quinquennium Holland in danger of dislocation.

A week after the transfer of power with a Manuel Valls launched in the race to the primary of the left, the Prime minister is expected at the tribune of the national Assembly, to 15 hours for a speech of half an hour to an hour, followed by a debate and a vote.

later in the evening, after the -very likely – a vote of confidence, the former minister of the Interior shall submit, always in the same chamber, in the first real round from his post of Prime minister, with the debate and then the vote on the extension until July 15, the state of emergency.

130 days to the first round of the presidential election and two and a half months of the end of the parliamentary session, he would have been able to waive liability of his government, in a republican tradition without any constitutional obligation.

But it would have fueled criticism from the opposition, who ridiculed already a Prime minister there to “close the lights” after the resignation of François Hollande to be a candidate for his succession, according to the formula of the boss of the mps LR, Christian Jacob.

During the procurement to the prime minister last Tuesday, Bernard Cazeneuve, had already tried to erase this image, which will erase the record of Edith Cresson, remained ten months at Matignon. “Each day is helpful, every day counts,” he launched into the paved courtyard of the rue de Varenne.

“As we pass his time to explain to me that I only have five months in front of me, I strive to do everything in the coming months. This means to make sure that every day counts triple. Thus, in the end, it will give me the average lifespan of a Prime minister under the Fifth Republic”, he amused Monday during a trip to Ariège.

The third Prime minister of François Hollande has placed his quinquamestre under the slogan of “protection”: protection and security of the French in times of high terrorist alert, but also social protection, while the left gives the votes to the “purge” of the candidate of the right, François Fillon.

the Other goal, according to his entourage: “to complete the action of recovery brought by its predecessors”, finalizing a few of the files (for future investments, account drudgery…) and taking the crucial decrees of application of the laws of the quinquennium.

- More votes than Valls ? -

prépresident François Hollande (L) on the steps of the Elysée with the First minister Bernard Cazeneuve (C) and the minister of Intérieur Bruno Le Roux (D), the 10 déDecember 2016 / AFP/Archives

president François Hollande (L) on the steps of the Elysée palace with the First minister Bernard Cazeneuve (C) and Interior minister Bruno Le Roux (D), on December 10, 2016 / AFP/Archives

Not a speech of ads, according to Matignon, but Cazeneuve also intends to “prepare the future”: it should return on the “energy transition” after the peak of pollution that has clogged the lungs of many French these last few days.

If the issue remains limited, the vote will be worth as to the value of the test for the majority.

Faithful support of the head of State, Cazeneuve cringe least the left wing of the majority that Valls, who had struggled with the “slingers” PS.

“This is someone who is very respectful of the various sensibilities in the chamber, including that of the left Front”, judge André Chassaigne (PCF), even if, he adds, the Prime minister “will not be the executor of the policy of François Hollande and Manuel Valls”.

The latter was subject to two policy statements: one at the beginning of April 2014, after his appointment, and in September of the same year, after the resignation of the government caused by the eviction of Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon.

At the first vote, Mr Valls was attended by 306 votes to 239 against, 29 abstentions). In the second, his support had melted at 269 votes (244 against, 53 abstentions), well below the threshold of 289 of the absolute majority.

The “slingers” to discuss a collective position of voting Tuesday morning, said Christian Paul.

on Wednesday, Bernard Cazeneuve, will repeat in person the fiscal year in the Senate.



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