Monday, December 19, 2016

Paris – Lagarde guilty of “neglect,” but retained at the head of the IMF – The Express

The director general of the international monetary Fund (IMF) was not present on Monday for the reading of the judgment of the Court of justice of the Republic, adopted in Washington, “for business reasons” according to his lawyer Patrick Maisonneuve.

The board of directors of the IMF, which represents the 189 member States, and which has always brought confidence to the director-general, “is expected to meet soon to assess the most recent developments,” said Monday a spokesman.

In 2011, France had managed to keep the head of the IMF, following the departure in disaster Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of sexual assault. Christine Lagarde has been renewed the upper-hand last summer in his post.

“Itcarries out its mandate at the IMF with success, and the government maintains its full confidence in its ability to carry out its responsibilities“, for its part, the executive French in a press release.

The Court of justice of the Republic did not follow the public prosecutor asked for the acquittal of the former minister of Economy (2007-2011) for its decisions around the arbitration Tapie.

Christine Lagarde, 60 years old, faced up to a year in prison and 15,000 euros fine.

She becomes the fourth member of a French government never condemned by the RGC, and the second convict with a waiver of penalty after the former secretary of State Edmond Hervé, on trial for the scandal of the contaminated blood.

The CJR, composed of three professional judges and twelve parliamentarians, has found nothing to reproach to Christine Lagarde about the launch in 2007 of an arbitration procedure to settle an old dispute between Bernard Tapie and Credit Lyonnais.

But she étrillé the decision of Christine Lagarde not to make use of the summer of 2008 where fell an arbitration award assigning to Bernard Tapie more than € 400 million, including the inordinate amount of 45 million euro to compensate his purported “moral“.

For the RGC, this decision to accept the award without battle “has been one of the determinants” the misuse of public funds has benefited the business.

- “Sentence shocking” –

This arbitration, canceled for fraud, civil 2015, applies even to criminal prosecution of six people, including Bernard Tapie.

According to the judgment read by the president Martine Ract Madoux, the minister would have at the time, had to ask for more details on the “a sentence as shocking“, take notice, more diversified, and more thought about for a long time.

Despite this guilt, the RGC has considered that the “personality” of the boss of the IMF and its “international reputation management“, as well as the fact that it bataillait at the time against a “financial crisis“, justified an exemption of penalty.

I relativizes this decision, because there is a relaxed, partial, and on the other hand, because Ms Lagarde is sentenced to nothing“, has commented to Me, Maisonneuve, the output of the hearing room, adding that in these conditions, he “asked him whether it was really on the desirability of an action“.

the decision of The RGC has immediately raised the critics on this special court, established in 1993, with the stated aim of putting an end to the impunity of ministers, for offences or crimes committed in the exercise of their functions.

How can it not be sanctioned’” asked the president of the Modem party (centrist, François Bayrou. “We can see that the RGC is a jurisdiction of exception on which to weigh up questions of democratic“, he said.

How do you explain to citizens that there are people who have squandered 400 million euros, but who will not have registered on their criminal record ‘“, said Jean-Christophe Picard, president of Anticor.

This association for the fight against corruption, “wondering for a long time the removal of the jurisdiction of exception, one-sided“.

François Hollande had promised during his campaign to remove the RGC, but, once president, has never launched the constitutional reform necessary.


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