Monday, December 19, 2016

South-East: high Winds, floods, storms… It will shake in the night from Monday to Tuesday –

The map of Météo-France. Weather France

on one side, it’s going to blow while on the other it will fall. In any case, this is the Weather forecast for France for the next few hours in the Var, Haute-Corse and Corse-du-Sud. Isabelle Llorca, head of unit for forecasting in the South-East, details for 20 Minutes the different phenomena are expected.

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What will happen in the Var ?

In this department, we are in vigilance orange to strong winds. It could reach 120 km/h on a large part of the coast in the night of Monday to Tuesday. On the islands of var (Port-Cros, Porquerolles and Levant island), the winds may be even stronger. Finally, we are in yellow alert wave-flooding, but the largest will be held at the broad. The episode should not be too violent about it.

there are dangers ?

Even if the waves are not high, it will not be too close to the coastline. You never know, especially with people who want to take photos. What is more worrying, is the wind because it will not come from the North-West, as the Mistral. It is a wind from the East, that is to say that it will take the department of Var back hair. The trees may, for example, come off much more easily.

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What is the situation for the Corsican ?

It is more boring because of the rain in addition to winds of 100 km/h. It will intensify the next night with thunderstorms. It is expected, especially in an episode long because it started to rain this morning (Monday) and it will continue to do a good part of the day Tuesday. The forecast is a prediction of 30 millimetres per hour.

Can we expect the same amount of damage as a month ago ?

It is difficult to tell. This episode will be a lot less intense but more long-which is rather a good thing. After that, it goes before any rain on the East of Corsica since the rain will be blocked by the terrain. It should be much less rain in the West. There will surely overflows as at the end of November. We must remain vigilant.

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