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Peak pollution : “It is not necessary to panic, or stay confined to the home” – Franceinfo

France is suffocating. Since the end of November, an episode marked air pollution affects the country, particularly in the Ile-de-France and in the Rhône valley, where the rate of particulate matter remain high. For the third consecutive day, the police prefecture will renew on Thursday, December 8, the device of alternating circulation, in Paris and in its suburbs, while he will be put in place Friday in Lyon and Villeurbanne. What are the good gestures to adopt in the period of peak pollution ? Franceinfo interviewed dr. Jean-Philippe Santoni, pulmonologist volunteer at the Foundation of the Breath.

Franceinfo : If I do not have any respiratory disease, should I worry about these pollution peaks ?

Dr. Jean-Philippe Santoni : When we speak of peak pollution, we only speak of one aspect of the pollution, since the pollution substance [the air pollution to which we are exposed over long periods of time] is also important. Another point : the domestic pollution is about 5 to 10 times greater than outdoor air pollution. Therefore, you should not panic in relation to these peaks of pollution, and not to say : “I’m going to stay confined to the home”, in particular when we do not have respiratory disease.

No need to stay indoors, even for sensitive individuals or pregnant women ?

people with respiratory disease have a greater risk of suffering the deleterious effects of pollution. For asthma sufferers or people whose airways are sensitive, it is very important to measure your breathing using a peak flow meter that can be purchased in pharmacy. In the event of significant variations – more than 15% compared to the previous data, it can strengthen its in-depth treatment of asthma and, where appropriate, consult with his pulmonologist in this period.

For pregnant women, there is no more risk during the peak of pollution during the periods of background pollution. On the other hand, if you are pregnant with particular sensitivities, such as a respiratory disease, it is best to try to avoid breathing a polluted air.

Is it a good idea to go to go green ?

Yes, the people who may have any interest in doing so. Even spend two hours in a park is beneficial. The Parisians have very large timbers such as those of Boulogne, Vincennes, or the domain of Saint-Cloud.

We can also choose its hours of output. Early in the morning, it seems that the pollution is less important than in the middle of the day. It is also recommended to ventilate the accommodation and offices at least 20 to 30 minutes per day early in the morning.

And wear a mask, it is effective ?

No. The masks worn by some cyclists may even be deleterious if they are worn repeatedly, because they can allow the growth of mold. It is better to wear nothing. There are masks with a high degree of technical skill, with filters, that can protect, but they are not common in the trade.

Are there any foods that are beneficial against pollution ?

recent studies show that some vitamin a supplements with vitamins, especially the antioxidant vitamins – vitamins C, E, can protect the respiratory system against the effects of short-term ozone and microparticles. These vitamins are available in pharmacy.

In addition, it may be beneficial to consume polyunsaturated fats, such as fish oils or olive oil, which protect against the effects of pollution on the cardio-vascular system, in particular on the respiratory system.

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