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Black day at the North station, where the traffic was completely disrupted for several hours – The World

The tear of a catenary to the train station exit is at the origin of the disturbance. The traffic resumed gradually from 16 hours on the set of lines at the beginning of the station.

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A Eurostar to the gare du Nord, in January 2015.

black Day for the North station. Wednesday, 7 December, the users of the station, the more dense of Paris were left stranded when rail traffic was completely interrupted for at least two and a half hours, a result of a failure of overhead line not far from the train station, on the route of the TER Paris-Beauvais.

The traffic was resumed gradually from 16 h 30, including to the Eurostar and the big lines, but the train station was always packed at 17: 10 pm, while passengers were waiting for their train to be announced. the ” I would have had to get on the train there 25 minutes and nobody tells me nothing “, railed Jean Morin, who had to return to Douai. Other passengers, to the destination of Lille or Maubeuge, had just arrived and discovered the situation.

On the RER, of the passengers of the K-line, wanting to return home to Crépy-en-Valois, lost patience. the ” It is an hour that we wait, and we were told nothing, one is never aware “, considered to Annick Florette, secretary, who works in Paris. A route has finally been announced at 18: 10.

Return to normal expected on Thursday morning

It is a bad timing for the station, on the second day of the device alternating circulation put in place to cope with a peak of pollution in the capital and in the suburbs of paris. People moving to Paris, were invited to take the public transport in the île de france, made free for the occasion. In this day necessarily more dense, two separate incidents have severely disrupted traffic. The one close to the gare du Nord train station first but also a breakup of catenary in Aulnay-sous-Bois, which took place on Tuesday, halting traffic on the RER B to Roissy Charles de Gaulle. On this portion, the traffic resumed gradually, and it is still necessary to provide a train on two.

” It is really very bad, and two incidents so close it is extraordinary situation “, explains Alain Krakovitch, director general of Transilien, who warns that the traffic will return to normal Thursday morning. the ” The situation is going to be disrupted until the end of the night “ he adds.

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