Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The traffic resumes at the gare du Nord train station after a crash giant – The Figaro

After the suspension of traffic on the RER B towards Roissy, a new incident on a catenary has caused a power outage” that disrupts the entire railway traffic. Main lines, suburban trains and RER are still difficult in station North.

The traffic of the trains resumed gradually on Wednesday afternoon at the gare du Nord in Paris, paralyzed for three hours by a breaking of a catenary, after a similar incident on the RER B the day before. The movement of all trains on departure and on arrival in gare du Nord train station (main lines, RER and suburban trains) has been completely interrupted between 13: 20 and 16 hours following a power outage, announced the SNCF. This failure has been caused by the uprooting of 150 metres of catenary, a kilometre from the train station. “The traffic will remain disrupted throughout the evening,” warns, however, a train driver on Twitter.

In a station of the North-crowded, the first commuter trains were stormed by the passengers shortly after 17 hours, the traffic recovery, has found an AFP journalist. On the side of the main lines, the first trains left towards Saint-Quentin, Boulogne-sur-Mer and Lille.

The movement has also picked up on the RER B to and from the airport of Roissy Charles de Gaulle, inaccessible by train since Tuesday morning because of a first break of a catenary. This term refers to the set of cables stretched above the tracks to power the train through the pantograph located on the locomotive. The catenary of the RER B stood for 70 years and its repair took longer time than expected. “Some of the parts no longer exist in the catalogs” and “it was necessary to manufacture the parts by hand on site, to measure”, explained to AFP a spokesman of the SNCF.

These two averages highlight recurring problems on this line, which crosses the Ile-de-France from north to south, and carries nearly 900,000 passengers per day.

The incidents are also occurring in full peak of air pollution, while users are encouraged since Tuesday to use public transport, free for the occasion, and that the alternating circulation is in force at Paris and in the neighboring towns. The president of the region Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, has asked the prefect of police to suspend this measure, which he had announced the renewal Thursday, “as long as the situation will not be returned to normal” on the rail network in the île-de-france.


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