Friday, December 9, 2016

Pollution: Lyon experimented briefly the alternating circulation – Obs

Lyon (AFP) – motorists lyon have experienced for the first time, on Friday, the alternating circulation, as in Paris, to combat pollution, but the measure will not be renewed Saturday.

the prefecture of The Rhone had decided Wednesday to apply this measure, with regard to the duration of the episode and “in anticipation” of elevated levels of fine particles in the air, which proved to be below expectations.

Only vehicles with a license plate ending in an odd number could travel to Lyon and Villeurbanne, with the exception of those who make carpooling or enjoy one of the many exceptions.

It’s the same in Paris, which is the longest episode of winter of pollution for at least ten years, and in the Ile-de-France, where public transport is of new free Friday. According to Airparif, the situation should however improve this weekend.

Since Wednesday, the rate of fine particles has not exceeded the 80 micrograms per cubic meter in the sky of lyon, while the forecasts expected a rate of approximately 90, and this has led the prefecture to introduce the alternating circulation “by anticipation”.

In the centre of Lyon, where checks are carried out, the set seemed “fairly well respected” according to police – unlike in Paris the day before. Some offenders, however, as Manuela, arms full of brooms, which comes to park his car: “today I have a household in Lyon and Rillieux-la-Pape (north of the town, editor’s NOTE), I can’t get a bus,” sighed she.

transport links disrupted for several days by a strike, however, remains a fee-paying, unlike Paris and Ile-de-France.

According to the metropolis of Lyon, transport explain 26% of the pollution present, more than half (52%) is due to the use of an individual heating the wood by 8% of the inhabitants.

- Plugs ‘exceptional’ in Paris -

This pollution also affects Grenoble and the urban areas of the Alps, the valley of the Rhone, the Seine-Maritime, Dawn, the Eure, where measures are also in place.

In the conurbation of grenoble, vehicles registered before 1997 will not have the right to circulate on Saturday and Sunday. For the first time since the introduction of the thumbnails anti-pollution in November, according to the prefecture.

Chamonix (Haute-Savoie), around 600 people demonstrated on Thursday evening on the sidelines of a meeting on the plan of protection of atmosphere (PPA) in the valley of the Arve. An emergency meeting has to take place on Friday in Annecy with the mayors, industrialists, transporters. The prefect, Pierre Lambert has promised announcements.

For their part, elected representatives and associations of the alpine valleys have called for “a temporary cessation of the traffic, international transit of goods” and a “postponement of the transport of goods to rail”.

in Paris, where the alternating circulation is in force for the past four days, the authorities have promised an “intensification of controls and citation,” a call to civic-mindedness of motorists have not prevented significant caps on Thursday. Friday at 09: 00, there were 275 km of caps accumulated in the Ile-de-France, compared to 200 km usually at this hour on a Friday. A level qualified as”exceptional” by the Direction des routes d’ile-de-France.

in order To “confront the Parisians to the reality” of automobile pollution and its health consequences, the mayor of Paris has launched an online campaign to “make it stop”. The environmental group has even called on a weekend without a car in the capital.

According to the public Health agency of France, more than 48,000 deaths per year could be attributed to fine particles.

measures of traffic restrictions have also been taken in other regions such as Hauts-de-France and Franche-Comté.


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