Friday, December 9, 2016

The end of the pollution episode scheduled for this weekend in Paris – The World

After ten days, the episode of intense pollution that are familiar with Paris and its suburbs is expected to dissipate Saturday and Sunday, but he could return next week.

Parisians will be able to take out the head of the cloud of pollution on Saturday and Sunday, announced Airparif Friday 9 December. The organization of monitoring of the air quality, however, remains cautious on its forecast for the next week.

” The particulate emissions are lower, generally on the weekend, with the traffic, and the wind should rise and disperse a part of the pollution “, explained Emily Fritz, to Airparif. The concentrations of particles are expected to remain this weekend, between 30 and 50 micrograms per cubic meter (the ” information threshold “ to the public is fixed at 50 µg/m3, the ” alert threshold “ 80 ág/m3).

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But ” we are not as confident for the next week “, has tempered Mme Fritz, adding that ” the vigilance rest[was], as a function of the changing weather conditions.

because of the particles accumulated over the past ten days in the air of paris, measures of restrictions have been taken by the prefecture of police and the city of Paris, like the alternating circulation, applied Friday for the fourth day on.

Lyon passes his turn to the alternating circulation

motorists lyonnais were experimenting for the first time, on Friday, the alternating circulation. Despite a slight increase in the level of concentrations of pollutants, only vehicles with a license plate ending in an odd number could travel to Lyon and Villeurbanne.

on Wednesday and Thursday, the rate of fine particles did not exceed 60 µg/m3 in the sky of lyon, while the forecasts expected a rate of about 90 µg/m3, and this has led the prefecture to introduce the alternating circulation ” advance “. It has justified the continuation of the measure by ” the sustainability of the episode “ which goes on for ten days and decide on Friday afternoon for its extension or not this weekend.

In the centre of Lyon, where checks are carried out, the set seemed to ” fairly well respected “, according to police – unlike in Paris the day before. Transport disrupted for several days by a strike, will be free from 16 hours to the festivities of the Festival of lights, but not before, for reasons of cost.

According to the metropolis of Lyon, the transport is responsible for 26% of this episode of air pollution, of which more than half (52 %) is due to the use of an individual heating the wood by 8% of the inhabitants.


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