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Presidential austria : Alexander Van der Bellen, the European who grew up in panties of skin – The World

The candidate supported by the Greens campaigned very “identity” to convince conservatives to vote for him against far-right in the presidential election of Sunday.

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Alexander Van der Bellen, on a poster, in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria on 29 November.

It is austere, Alexander Van der Bellen. Austere and a little stiff also, even when it accompanies a marching band dressed in loden came to close his campaign, Friday, 2 December, in a disused factory turned into a cultural venue and located in the heart of a popular district of Vienna.

Never in the seduction, the former teacher of economics, who leads according to the mayor, a social democrat, of the capital, Michael Häupl, ” fighting for democracy “. And this is not at the age of 72 as this lover of Russian literature of the XIXe century will be set to ” liker ” on Facebook.

However, one of the main lessons of his campaign, is that his ” the team has adapted to the lack of funds and that it has been very innovative in the use of the Internet in recent weeks, writes the political scientist Thomas Meyer. the Create groups WhatsApp, advertising on Twitter : it was very professional.” Almost as much as in the opposing camp, that of the extreme right austrian freedom Party (FPÖ), where one handles the social networks to perfection for years already.

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A man fighting

Before being a product geek super hype, and blow on blow to the extreme right on the Web (the european parties ” traditional ” will have to study his campaign’s aggressive response to the ” fachosphère “, effective), it has led to the fighting, the professor Van der Bellen.

first to the head of the Green (Die Grünen), the party that he will be out of limbo to make it a force able to hold the high dragee with the great traditional training, the SPÖ the social democrats and the ÖVP-conservatives-christians.

During all these years, it has captured the attention of a limited audience, and delighted with his long pause before answering the questions of journalists. Only a few seconds, but an eternity in the televised debates. The ecologist was launched in independent to avoid the obstacle course of a nomination of the Green party, which finance yet his campaign.

Alexander Van der Bellen is a newlywed-he married second wife, an activist of the Greens a few months ago and carries a patronymic name Dutch. The family Van der Bellen, protestant, emigrated to XVIIIe century from the netherlands to Russia, where it was then driven out in 1917 to Estonia by the bolsheviks, before arriving in Vienna, where Alexander was born, in 1944. The soviet occupation of the sector will require the whole world to leave, this time to reach the depth of reassuring alpine valleys more remote.

The Tyrol, it is the ” heimat “ of the candidate with the name that sounds besides. His homeland of ” son of refugees “, as it presents itself. Father Russian of course, mother is Estonian, okay. But this is where he grew up and raised his two sons, in the Kaunertal, a valley known for its impressive panorama. It was here, at the foot of the glaciers, which he has photographed for his election posters, where the word “homeland” is written in bold on a background of a postcard.

people are amazed to see him go hunting on the lands of his rival, who wants to ” exit flags “, he replied ” it was his idea “ and ” refuses to let the FPÖ steal its values “ to him, the candidate of the urban, CSP +, artists, intellectuals, feminists, minorities, to him, who must rally together to take sections of the population to sociology so diverse and, above all, to convince the conservative voters, those who have abstained in may.

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A picture of a man of the left agnostic

We no longer speak of attacks in Germany, a big topic which brought the far-right in may, but Mr. Van der Bellen takes special care not to pass for an ” islamo-leftist “, a label we are trying to stick him when he defends all religious freedoms.

He will still have a way to go to break its image as a man of the left agnostic. His beard of three days, and his political colour are spending enough evil in good number of farms in austria, where environmentalists are still ” smoking joints “, of the heirs of 1968.

” Van der Bellen, it is a watermelon “, is also said of him his challenger unfortunate in the first round, the catholic Andreas Khol. the ” Green outside, but red inside. A socialist, what. “ The activist base of the party Die Grünen would not agree : she considers to be its candidate much too liberal on the economic level. So as not to appear idealistic, it reminded so often of the rights and especially duties of refugees, forced to adapt to the way of life of Austrians. Some 130 000 people have been served since 2015.

He mostly plays on the fears, hammering that a victory of the extreme right in the presidential election would lead to an output of Austria to the european Union, which oppose a very large majority of the Austrians, and the economic circles.

one at A time, it garnered the support of those who like to hear them say that once president, he did sign never the appointment of Heinz-Christian Strache at the chancellery, the head of the party of the extreme right being, according to him far too radical.

” The candidate of the extreme right Norbert Hofer says that nothing and nobody can stop it. He wants a republic FPÖ “, recalls Alexander Van der Bellen to terrorize and thus galvanize his troops bigarées. The professor thinks, so is he, still able to offer a president green to very green, Austria. And a dam in Europe.

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