Sunday, December 4, 2016

Comic. The huge Gotlib died

the announcement of The death of Gotlib was made Sunday by editions Dargaud.

” The family of Marcel Gotlib has recently we hear of the death this day of Gotlib “, said Dargaud, which is part of its ” great sadness “.

“The millions of readers who have learned to laugh in the pages of the Heading to brac, Dingodossiers or Gai Luron lose a stand-up comedian fascinating, a comic virtuoso, a jack of all iconoclastic and a dear friend who could provoke laughter at the slightest of his pages,” added the editor.

Monument to the comic book

a prolific Author, and virtuoso of the drawing, Gotlib was part of the pantheon staff millions of fans of the comic strip.

The adventures soporofico-delirious Gai-Luron, Dingodossiers with René Goscinny, the antics of his eternal cocinelle, the Rhâââ Lovely, have had a considerable success, over several generations.

skewed Humour, precise line and imagination abounding : Gotlib had the qualities. His influence has been considerable on the comic strip in French.

Gottlieb to Gotlib

Has both a draughtsman and a writer, Marcel Gottlieb – his name will be anglicised later – was born in Paris in 1934 into a family of jewish origin in hungary.

He has worked on a Pilot with Franquin, René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo and Mandryka. With the latter, and Claire Bretécher, he founded the newspaper “the Echo of The savannahs” in 1972.

Gotlib has also launched its own magazine in 1975, “Fluide glacial”.

He loved truffer corners of boxes of small recurrent characters, living stories in history, such as the ladybug or the little mouse in the Gay-Luron.

It is self-caricatured frequently, not hesitating to put himself in the scene as a cartoonist.

Bougret and Charolles, in the expo-rétrospective à Saint-Malo in 2013.
Bougret and Charolles, in the expo-retrospective in Saint-Malo in 2013. | Photo-West-France


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