Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pollution in Paris: the alternating circulation proposed on Tuesday – The Express

Not alternating circulation envisaged in Paris before Tuesday. In the Face of a peak of pollution persisting in the capital, the authorities have taken to Monday coercive measures, including speed limits, but do not intend to put in place the alternating circulation before Tuesday, contrary to the mayor Anne Hidalgo.

“The forecasts remain (…) adverse” for Monday, has informed on Sunday the prefecture of police, which a judge “probable” to a passing Monday, of the information threshold-recommendation for the fine particles.

The prefect of police of Paris, as he had already done so in the past week, has returned to more binding measures, applicable to Monday from 05: 30 to midnight: a reduction of 20 km/h the maximum speed allowed on the main roads of the Île-de-France and the obligation of workaround for the truck in transit.

car share offered

The ile-de-france are invited to “minimize, to the extent possible”, the use of their cars, and to practice carpooling. The industrial establishments will have to reduce their emissions, waste, green waste may not be burned in the open air and the heating of wood will be banned.

If the forecast “point back to the exceeding of the threshold information-recommendation” for the future, the prefect of police “will put in place the alternating circulation Tuesday in Paris and in 22 towns of the petite couronne”. Anne Hidalgo has estimated in a statement that the alternating circulation should be implemented as soon as Monday.

Velib and Autolib’ free

“Our citizens may not accept the new delay so that strong measures are needed to face the health risk,” said the mayor socialist of the capital, which had already requested Friday that would be in place “as soon as possible” this binding measure.

The city of Paris renews its side measures of free residential parking, Velib and Autolib’. The president of The Republicans of the Ile-de-France, Valérie Pécresse, had stated Saturday on Twitter that, “if the peak of pollution continues, the prefect must consider the alternating circulation and the region will pay for free transport”.

A day of free public transport in the Ile-de-France will cost four million euros, says the region


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