Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Primary left: launched in the race, Manuel Valls hopes to assemble – The Figaro

the candidate for the primary of the left, which admits to not being “the favorite” for 2017, attempts to weld the troops around him.

Manuel Valls is no longer prime minister. Here it is now in the arena of the primary from the left. “I have a responsibility, to gather. (…) I don’t want the left to be eliminated, and my responsibility is to make it win” , has he hammered out Tuesday night on the set of the JT of France 2, conceding, however, that it was “not the favorite” for the presidential election of 2017.

No time to lose, so, for the one who has already established a HEADQUARTERS in the XIIIe arrondissement of Paris, and performs this Wednesday in the Doubs in his first move of the campaign. There, he plans to visit three companies, including a co-operative, before enjoying a stroll on the Christmas market of Montbéliard and hold a meeting in Audincourt, in the early evening. A destination that is no accident, since this department presents a double challenge for the left as he is hit by de-industrialisation and the rise of the far right. It is in this district that the candidate of the PS, Frédéric Barbier, had prevailed by a narrow margin in last February (51,43 % against 48,57 %), during the legislative partial against the mep FN, Sophie Montel. According to the entourage of the ex-prime minister, promises a campaign of “intense,” not less than “three to four” trips of this type are to be expected “every week” until the election next Januar y.

The theorist of the two lefts “irreconcilable” multiplied the hands stretched out to the place of his brothers enemies of yesterday.

Each time, Manuel Valls is expected to develop themes related to the four pillars of his campaign: the “nation education”, “globalisation in the service of the people”, the “universal income guaranteed” and “Europe”. All of which are addressed to his camp and will be synthesized in a “campaign document”, a sort of profession of faith, that it will issue a priori”in the first half of December”. It is already in the logic of the gathering, that the theorist of the two lefts “irreconcilable” has recently sketched out an early mea culpa and increased the number of hands stretched out to the place of his brothers enemies of yesterday.

the First success enjoyed: the joining of two aubrystes – the president of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Mathieu Klein, and the deputy of the Ardeche, Olivier Dussopt. The latter is also expected to ensure the door-parolat of Manuel Valls. “It is a possibility, but I can not confirm it”, he says soberly, expressing all his “availability” to take the role.

Like him, another war may soon be recorded: the very Dutch boss of the PS senators, Didier Guillaume, who is the former head of the government would have proposed, according to RTL, to be his campaign manager. “This will be a policy of” foreground, happy for the moment to meet the entourage of the candidate. “I think there needs to be a first act of gathering, in which the composition of the flowchart can be the sign”, gliding Francis Chouat, mayor of Evry and faithful among the faithful. According to him, the supports are too identified must also be clear to the new-comers. Seats have been reserved and left vacant in the campaign team.

the first real test took place on Tuesday evening, at the police department building to the Assembly, where the former tenant of Matignon had, according to a close, “very widely” invited the parliamentary socialists. One hundred and fifty were present on the day “of all tendencies, of the legitimists, aubrystes…” according to one member of the team of Valls. “I need you,” insisted the candidate. “Nothing is won I am the challenger,” he still admitted.


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