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Cazeneuve at Beauvau : malaise interiors – Release

Rarely has a minister of Interior has known such a news. In nearly three years Place Beauvau, Bernard Cazeneuve, has faced the worst wave of terrorist attacks that France has faced, the largest migration crisis since the Second world War and the most important social movement of the quinquennium. The files that the new Prime minister has managed with professionalism and a sense of dialogue, according to its advocates, with stiffness, according to its opponents.


His action Beauvau, will remain marked by the terrible cycle of attacks. The first, against Charlie Hebdo at last, one of the prison d’osny (Val-d’oise), the minister will be kept at arm’s length, a counter-terrorism methods, retrograde and in the flowchart baroque. Of course, he put all his energy to get men and more means, but it has never correlated with a strategic approach to this influx of quantity. ISB, Uclat, SCRT, LOTRO… so many acronyms for so many services ; so much of meanders too, in which the monitoring of the most dangerous terrorists, has experienced a misfire. Monitoring bunch of holes in the brothers Kouachi, or even improbable presence on French soil of the commando of 13 November…

of course, not everything is attributable to Cazeneuve, nor the only French-language services. But no, in this time of crisis, would not have alleged that the deputy PS of Cherbourg, simplify the piping by promoting the return to experience, and dedicating the analysis of the information collected. the “Cazeneuve will continue to be the minister who would have”, repeats the question of whether an agent is to Release., the highlight will remain the controversy that followed the bombing of Nice. In a hurry to communicate, the minister described a safety device which was not the one deployed on the ground, leading to distrust and controversy with Liberation, that inventoriait these flaws in its edition of July 21.

civil Liberties

Cazeneuve was also in charge of public liberties. They have been ill-treated during her stay, Place Beauvau. As of 2014, the man carries a draft anti-terrorism law that brings the glorification of such acts in the criminal law. Consequence : sentences of imprisonment, often in the appearance of immediate rain, including for drunkards suddenly in awe of the islamic State. The penalty (five years) is more heavy when the apology is made on the Internet.

The act of November 13, 2014 provided for in the administrative block (without asking for the opinion of the judicial authority) of web sites projihad and put in place the confiscation by the department of the identity documents to prevent the escape of the territory. Again, the judge court did not have its word to say. Approximately 420 prohibitions have been imposed since. The following year, the law on the intelligence strengthens the services and the control of their activities, according to Cazeneuve. A large part of the civil society (associations for the defence of human rights, independent administrative authorities…) are rather seen an extension of the surveillance.

State of emergency

After the attacks of 13 November, the executive is introducing the state of emergency, regularly extended, the retention of which up to the presidential election must be confirmed by the new Prime minister, therefore, by Cazeneuve. In one year, this state of exception has been used against environmental activists at the COP 21, against demonstrators opposed to the law and work against more than 600 persons assigned to residence because of suspicions of links with radical islam. In addition, approximately 4 000 searches administrative have opened 450 investigations, approximately, of which only a handful for criminal association in relation with a terrorist enterprise. A balance sheet as well lean.

Sling of police

Saying that the police are surmobilisés for the past two years is an understatement : attacks, migration crisis, security of the COP 21 and of the football Euro, protests against the law work… Dewatering, dependent on a material and of old premises, the agents were expressed by two times their anger. In question, a criminal procedure is too heavy, the sentences were too low (in their eyes) and conditions of use of the use of weapons that they want to relax. Of grievances, in large part, met today. Self-defence will be the subject of a new draft law, considered the 21 December in the Council of ministers, which will propose an alignment scheme for police officers in the gendarmes. Sensitive to symbols, Cazeneuve has also desired that the contempt of a police officer is punished by the same penalty as contempt of court, and considering that the police no longer appear in its own name in proceedings for security reasons. At the same time, the minister has adopted a new nationa l scheme of intervention, significantly strengthening the equipment of the teams primary caregivers.


at the End of October, the State was dismantled in less than a week the “jungle” of Calais, where lived more than 6 000 migrants. This slum, which had not ceased to grow since its re-launch in 2014, has cornered Cazeneuve. He went once a month, with the same mantra over the shoulder : “humanity” and “firmness”. Beyond these elements of language, the minister has had to adapt, so that the flow of migration slowed, the device of reception of migrants. Too late and too little, according to many associations.

The balance sheet of the minister include the passing of the law on asylum in the summer of 2015, the construction of more than 15 000 accommodation places for asylum seekers, the strengthening of the French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons and the launch of devices such as reception centres and guidance… But, like that of Hollande or Valls, his action gave the impression of a political shy, striving never to seem too “generous” with the refugees.

police Violence

Rémi Fraisse, a young environmental activist for 21 years, died in the night from 25 to 26 October 2014 in the ZAD de Sivens (Tarn), where the public authorities wished to build a dam. It has been touched by an offensive grenade launched by a policeman. This is the first person killed in a protest for Malik Oussekine in 1986. Cazeneuve will take nearly forty-eight hours to send its condolences to the family of the young naturalist, preferring previously to use this formula : “A body has been discovered.” Between the minister and of many associations, unions, citizens, the misunderstanding is total.

The tone goes up further during the movement against the law to work when Cazeneuve, taking to individuals who have set fire to a police car quai de Valmy, Paris, qualifies as “wild hordes [of which] the violence, the brutality reflected an abandonment of all the principles of humanism which are the basis of our civilization and republican values”. The gap with a portion of the population will grow again with the death of the young Adama Traoré, who passed away on July 19 at Persan (Val-d’oise) after his arrest by the gendarmes.

Peter Alonso , Sylvain Mouillard , Willy The Soothsayer


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