Monday, December 12, 2016

RHONE Van robbed near Lyon : 70 kg gold robbed, 4 suspects in the leak – The Dauphiné Libéré

A van of the in-transit company Loomis has been robbed this morning (Monday) around 9 pm near Lyon by four criminals armed, who stole 70 pounds of gold before fleeing.

The thugs have locked up the two conveyors in the van before fleeing.


The attack took place at the exit of the A6 motorway in the town of Dardilly, in the north of Lyon, in a business area located near the greenhouses of a lycée horticole which an employee, as a witness of the facts, has given the alert.

The thugs arrived in two cars that have caught the van, unmarked it seems. Before departing in one of their cars, they set fire to the other abandoned near the van. The gendarmerie intervened in time to release them before the flames spread to the van. There was no one hurt, according to The Progress.

Four light vehicles have caught fire in total during this attack.

The loot carried away by the robbers has a market value of approximately € 2.5 million at the current price of gold. Loomis was until 2008 a subsidiary of the Swedish group Securitas, a giant in the world of private security.


The prosecutor’s office in Lyon has been entered and the Direction of inter-regional judicial police is in charge of the investigation.

The latest robbery of cash-in-transit in France had already occurred on the A6 motorway, in the Yonne, at the toll station of Avallon. March 11, 2015, fifteen people were then in possession of jewelry with an estimated value of € 9 million.

In the lyon region, a van of the Loomis had already been attacked in October 2012 in Rillieux-la-Pape by two men on a scooter who had stolen a suitcase containing eur 125 000. But this is especially the case of Tony Musulin, who remains engraved in the memory…

The company Loomis already referred to in the case Musulin

On November 5, 2009, a van of cash-in-transit company Loomis is found to Lyon, completely empty.

a Few hours earlier, Toni Musulin, who worked for the company for the past ten years, there was filed with her two colleagues a little more of 11.6 million euros withdrawn to the Bank of France, before disappearing with the loot.

as Soon as the next day, investigators found 9.1 million euros in Lyon, in a box rented by the conveyor under a false identity. Without having had time to conceal its expected loot behind a false wall raised to this effect at the bottom of the box.

After 11 days on the run, Toni Musulin makes the 16 November to the police of monaco.

indicted for larceny, he broods in silence, refusing to say where are the remaining eur 2.5 million.

Held in may 2010, it took five years of prison on appeal, without the mystery of the 2.5 million will be cleared up. The former conveyor of the funds was released from prison in September 2013.


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