Monday, December 12, 2016

Between Jesus and The wolf of Wall Street: when Macron ignites in meeting – The Express

You have not been able to move to the side of this video. A Emmanuel Macron, screaming at the top of your lungs, extending its range to levels rarely achieved, in the conclusion to his first big meeting on Saturday in Paris. Porte de Versailles, the candidate for the presidency of the Republic was dropped in the face to the thousands of people -15 000 according to the applicant – from the support.

An attitude that clashes with former minister of the Economy, accustomed felted environments Bercy or de Rothschild, and who has spent the last months of his minister to make the least noise possible, then attributed to him already ambition elysian.

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His soaring oratory, he assumes. “I had [to the 15,000 people present], it was the same generosity. This is the one that I have given. I’m not someone who calculates and account”, will explain on Sunday, the former minister of the Economy in order to justify this soaring oratory. But will he be as much the many diversions that flow from this? Since Saturday, they abound on the web.

Macron = Jesus

with arms extended, head raised, gaze into the distance, does that remind you of anything? Not even God or Jesus way Christ the redeemer of Rio de Janeiro? A comparison that adheres to the mla LR Eric Woerth, Sunday, at the micro Europe1: “with arms outstretched, the head turned towards the clouds… Then, I know that it is Christmas soon, but a saviour is born to us. There is a bible in there, which is quite comical in some way.”

Dragon Ball Macron

others see, in the videos with lots of special effects, Goku, the hero of the manga Dragon Ball.

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The wolf of Wall Street

still others, including the ex-minister Aurélie Filippetti, who supported Arnaud Montebourg, have believed to see in this passage from the speech of the leader of March! Leonardo Di Caprio in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. A comparison is hardly flattering to a candidate “of the left”, since it is assimilated here to a trader greedy gains.

A tribute to Celine?

On the internet, the most enthused by the speech of Emmanuel Macron, or the most squeaky, even compared to the diva Céline Dion, known for its spectacular shows and its ability to climb very, very high-pitched.

Macron, rock-star power?

The most daring had the idea to add metal music over the video where Emmanuel Macron is unleashed. And obviously, “it goes cream”. Translate: the illusion of the concert of a rock star, embodied by the ex-minister of Economy is perfect.

“Who wants to go away household to his horse,” says the popular saying. A council that Emmanuel Macron will need to follow under the penalty of finally lost his voice before the end of the campaign will be long: there are still 4 and a half months before the first round. Because in the absence of any “break the bank”, the ex-minister risk first to break the voice.


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