Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ségolène Royal did not rule out the idea of supporting Emmanuel Macron – BFMTV.COM

Ségolène Royal likes to confuse his world. While it occurred on the tv show Punchline presented by Laurence Ferrari and posted on the C8 this Sunday, she has slipped a few comments amazing on the choices that could be his for the presidential campaign of 2017…without saying anything, however, decisive.

praise for Emmanuel Macron

After you have defended the provision, often considered to be extravagant, Emmanuel Macron at meeting in Paris on Saturday, the minister of the Environment has awarded some praise for the former protégé of François Hollande:

“He made an effort to redefine France in a changing world, in a world that moves.”

Revived by Laurence Ferrari, who was the candidate of the socialist president in 2007 has provided:

“Yes, it brings air to the political life.”

While Emmanuel Macron just beginning to reveal its program, Ségolène Royal did not hesitate to take on the proposals of the former minister of Economics: “These are not bad ideas.”

He then, of course, was asked if she was supporting Emmanuel Macron: “Nothing is closed”, said Ségolène Royal in a smile. However, she says they still have not stopped its choice as to the personality in which she will make her champion or to the terms and conditions of its participation in the campaign:

“I have not yet decided how I will visit.”

spades for Manuel Valls

This opening in the direction of Emmanuel Macron, that other relatives of François Holland have already joined, as Jean-Pierre Mignard, for example, may be a way to take Manuel Valls. The two tenors of the socialist Party have never had good relations. And Ségolène Royal is not trying to conceal:

“This is not a secret for anyone, I have had differences in the design of the governance, specifically participatory democracy, of dialogue, of the complexity of making decisions and therefore the need to push the more far as possible the exchange of arguments, listening… And then at the same time the fundamental choices on the challenge ecologist, it is true (…) that we had different, very strong on the vision of the future.”

Royal adoube Cazeneuve at Matignon

Ségolène Royal has also praised the arrival at Matignon Bernard Cazeneuve, in which she sees a “man of dialogue”. She took the opportunity to, quite transparently, addressed a last picnic to Manuel Valls:

“I’m not sure with Bernard Cazeneuve, we would have had 49.3 on the act work”.

Ségolène Royal is not known yet who she will support. Obviously, she knows however that she will not support.


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