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Peillon : an intellectual under the spotlight – The Point

It is since Sunday evening, the candidate of the policy of François Hollande in the socialist primaries. Vincent Peillon, who came out of retirement in the media of more than two years to run in the presidential race, is respected by the policy community for its intellectual qualities. This does not inspire sometimes annoyance, even in his own camp.

Totally absent from the debate policy hex -it is when even became member of the european parliament two years ago – since he left the ministry of Education in spring 2014, Vincent Peillon, 56 years old, surprised all the more with its bid that it was Release in April that it “does briguerai(t) no new elective mandate”. It is the decision of François Hollande does not represent that the has changed his mind, he explained on France 2. A François Hollande who was holding on to him about particularly hard in 2009, according to the press of the time: “Peillon is a snake. With him, it’s all for his mouth. It betrays always.”

The professor of philosophy entered politics late in life – he was 32 years old when he became a collaborator of Henri Emmanuelli at the national Assembly. He will be elected member of parliament for the Sum five years later, in 1997, and then powered the spokesperson of the PS in 2000, under the authority of François Hollande. Elected member of the european parliament for the first time in 2004, he was minister of Education between 2012 and 2014.

A little wind ?

In the campaign for the primary, Peillon will be some old ones: after the shock of April 2002, it is with Arnaud Montebourg and Benoît Hamon – all two declared candidates – that he had created the reformist current “New socialist party (NPS). Before support successively Ségolène Royal (of which he was the spokesperson in 2007 before a quarrel), Dominique Strauss-Kahn and François Hollande.

A little vane, Vincent Peillon ? Ironisant on its passage of a current from the PS to the other, Pierre Moscovici had a day dubbed “Doctor Vincent, and Mr Peillon”. Its passage two years in the rue de Grenelle has marked the spirits. First of all by his reform of school timetables, which leads to a lifting of shields high-profile, and then with his “ABCD of equality” against stereotypes of girls to boys at the school, which will trigger the wrath of the Manif for all and of the extreme right.

Writer insatiable

Often praised for his talents as an orator, inspired in his speech, Vincent Peillon is also awkward, or blundering, as well as when it is surprised to the tv of the side “a bit late” of France on cannabis – a stance that will enrage, François Hollande, and earned him an admonition public. This will not be the only once: confusion about the timing of the reform of school timetables, comment on the preparatory classes, announcement premature creation of posts of teachers… Vincent Peillon, attracts many retargeting.

Associate and doctor of philosophy, from a family of professors and researchers, Vincent Peillon is undoubtedly an intellectual. Author of a dissertation on Maurice Merleau-Ponty, seconded to the CNRS for two years, he has continued to write after his entry into politics : books dedicated to the thinkers of the socialist and republicans such as Pierre Leroux and Jean Jaurès, or the great fighter of the secular school and Nobel peace prize Ferdinand Buisson.

A solitary

Her relatives who praise its “great moral rigour and intellectual: “A man of very great knowledge, very great height of view”, summed up his former right hand man to Education, Jean-Paul Delahaye. Some, even in his own camp, and taunt him for his “arrogance”. Very polite but very likely, Mr Peillon is also a loner, by his own admission. Sports, his favourite is running and cycling. “It works in an isolated manner, which is not ideal for a candidate,” says a socialist. After his departure from the ministry in 2014, Vincent Peillon has taught at the University of Neuchâtel.

He has also taken up writing, fiction this time. “Chinese in Paris”, his second novel, must seem to be in Stock in February. The plot begins in Belleville a 24 December in the dark of the night: “a prostitute transsexual was found, wearing makeup and dressed in a sumptuous costume of Peking opera, genitals, down in the mouth”, presents the publishing house. “That means this staging? Who is it addressed to?”


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