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Trial of the brothers Adama Traoré : “The fight does not stop there” – The World

In parallel to the trial of Bagui and Ysoufou Traoré to Pontoise, on Wednesday held a support meeting in Paris.

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Samir Baaloudj at the meeting to support Bagui and Ysoufou Traoré, in Paris, on 14 December 2016.

” I feel a great unease, it is hard emotionally to attend this meeting “, loose Cecile, a student of 22 years, on leaving the meeting support Bagui and Ysoufou Traoré Wednesday, December 14, in Paris. Meanwhile, at the tribunal correctionnel de Pontoise, and the two brothers Adama Traoré, who died on 19 July during an arrest, were tried for violence, death threats and outrages against the forces of the order.

Bagui Traoré, 25 years old, and Ysoufou Traoré, 22 years, were arrested and placed in detention a few days after the municipal council of 17 November in Beaumont-sur-Oise, to which members of the family, Traoré and his support committee had attempted to assist.

At the international Centre of popular culture on Wednesday evening in the 11e arrondissement of Paris, about 200 people were present at the call of the collective The truth to Adama to ask for the release of two brothers Traoré. The room was packed full when Samir Baaloudj, a former activist of the Movement of immigration and suburbs (MIB) has taken the microphone. the ” Youssouf [nickname Ysoufou] and Bagui are not in jail for contempt and rebellion, but because they have organized a strength ratio of a local, that they are engaged “ to shed light on the causes of the death of their brother.

For him, ” these are political prisoners “. Mr. Baaloudj, whose activism dates back to twenty years insist on a point :

” We are outside support, we are not activists paternalistic and we will never take the word to the place of Beaumontois. Beaumont-sur-Oise has built his wrestling and Assa Traoré [såheart of Adama] is the spokesperson. “

The work of Assa Traoré and his family to ” remove the lies in just a few weeks “ has been praised several times during the evening where the floor was free and the micro shared. This is evidence, according to Samir Baaloudj, that ” the districts are able to organise all alone to build a political speech “.

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In a film of thirteen minutes screened this evening, we see the brothers Yacouba and Ysoufou Traoré, surrounded by friends, trace the arrest that led to the death of Adama, on the day of its 24 years. The projection ends with these words : ” to Us, it is only a city, but a city, [more] a city, [more] a city, together, we are stronger. “

” A consciousness in France “

The debate at the meeting of support to Ysoufou and Bagui Traoré, in Paris, on 14 December.

It was then the turn of the spectators to take the floor. Has the image of Cecilia, a student of 22 years old ” distraught “ by this meeting, the first at which she was present :

” Now that I entraperçois the length of the roots of the problem, I can’t see myself go back to sleep and not do anything. “

A man of fifty years who has already been in custody for contempt of agent, explains :

” But just six hours ! I don’t understand that Youssouf and Bagui are still in prison. It is not normal that you can keep it for days and days for contempt. It may not be the right reason. It is there, the injustice. “

” Because they are leaders “, replied Samir Baaloudj. The micro is running, and, beyond the critique of the forces of order, of justice, of the State and the media ” derailed “, several ideas emerge. the ” we need a real manifestation, something that has of the mouth. This is why it is necessary to decide tonight “, offers a man. Bénédicte Monville-De Cecco, regional advisor, Europe Ecologie-The Greens (EELV), Ile-de-France, abounds ; it is estimated that ” what is happening today is the beginning of an awareness in France “.

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Win the local

Samir Baaloudj takes precisely the word to refocus the debate on the movement party in the district of Boyenval, where dwelt Adama Traoré. According to him, if Bagui and Ysoufou Traoré are in prison, it is because they have ” managed to do that the neighborhood take in hand in this fight. Because the solution, it is where you live “, ja-t-it. The two brothers were, for example, invested a role of mediator that they played every evening in the neighborhood.

today, this ” outside support ” to the family Traoré, Samir Baaloudj, said they want to simply ” that the people relaying the work done by those who argue in Beaumont-sur-Oise, because they have erased the truth in just a few weeks, it is a political victory “.

Shortly after midnight, the judgment has fallen, in line with what Mr. Baaloudj feared. Three months adjusted for Ysoufou Traoré, who should be released. Eight months farm for Bagui Traoré, who must be held in detention. Before the axe falls on Wednesday evening, Samir Baaloudj ensured that other actions were already planned. the ” They took Youssouf and Bagui, but the fight does not stop there. “

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