Saturday, December 3, 2016

VIDEO – Paris : a train derailed on the line 2, the traffic disrupted – LCI

INCIDENT – The traffic on the line 2 of the paris metro remains very disturbed this Saturday, in the aftermath of an incident is rare : a train has partially derailed in arriving at the station Barbès. No injuries to report.

The RATP speaks of an “incident operations” on his Twitter account without giving more details. The incident, however, is extremely rare. A train on the paris metro, which was travelling on the line 2-to-midi has partially derailed coming into the station.

We do not know yet the causes of this derailment of the rear of the train. A boggie” -sort of a carriage to which are secured the wheels of the car of the car “tail” is offset and is slightly out of the way”, explained the RATP. The truck struck the quay at the level of the entrance of the station in the direction of Porte Dauphine, which resulted in a short circuit and a bang “that was able to scare some of the passengers,” said transit authority.

An important means of security and relief – among which 46 fire – got to the scene but no injuries are reported.

The traffic on the line 2 is always interrupted this Saturday between Belleville and White and is not expected to resume before the end of the service.

According to the first elements of the investigation technique, the accident was caused by the fall of a safe inverter of the body of a car. A safety deposit box inverter “is a technical body to transform the current

usable electricity for the power train,” says the RATP in a press release, stating that the one in question “had been the subject of a control by may 2016″.


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