Saturday, December 3, 2016

Turning to Paris: the bank-robber of the travel agency in leak, no victims – The Express

Big scare Friday night in a travel agency on boulevard Massena, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. A robber with a handgun entered a travel agency to commit a robbery at about 18: 30.

Several people remained inside the shop, suggesting that it is a hostage situation, so that the alert had been given to the forces of law and order. The company’s security and response and the BIS of the paris police came on-scene. The robber fled before the intervention of the forces of law and order.

The boulevard Massena, in the south of Paris (screen Capture).

The boulevard Massena, in the south of Paris (in the Screenshot).

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Contacted by The Express, the prefecture of police had referred to an “armed robbery”. On Twitter, she reported that the intervention was complete, and that “the robber was not in the premises”. Several police sources have spoken of the seven hostages “emerged unharmed”.

“there has been no shot fired”

A large perimeter of security had been installed in this area south of the capital, close to the device.

Shortly before 21h, the people came out of the agency, “hands on head”, before being “taken care of by the fire department in a nearby building,” according to a police source. After inspection of the premises by the BIS, it turned out that the robber had fled.

“We saw four or five people out the hands on the head, followed by a couple of people in the intervention group. It hasn’t been shot. We have not heard of detonation. It is finished,” said on-site Zinedine, a local resident of 55 years of age, who had gone out to buy cigarettes.

“I thank the police department for its rapid response and the professionalism of its teams,” said the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo on Twitter. “I also ensured all my support to the staff and clients of the agency who have been confronted with this criminal act”, she added.


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