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Vincent Peillon prepares to candidacy in the primary of the left – the World

Patrick Mennucci, deputy (PS) of the Bouches-du-Rhône and close to the former minister, says the “World” : “He is ready, but to consult still. “

Vincent Peillon, in Marseille, during the campaign of the european elections of may 2014.

A new entrant into the primary from the left ? According to a relative of Vincent Peillon, contacted by The World Wednesday, 7 December, the former minister of education is preparing to be a candidate. The member of the european parliament could announce his candidacy ” in the coming days, “. The information was revealed by The Point and Le Canard enchaîné.

withdrawal from political life French national, became professor of philosophy at Neuchatel in Switzerland, and author of novels, Vincent Peillon would consider plunging into the bath socialist. the ” It is considered that the current candidates don’t represent the heart of the PS and do not allow to bring together widely. Arnaud Montebourg and Manuel Valls, it only represents the two ends of the omelet “, explains one of his friends.

” It is ready, but he consults again, specifies the World Patrick Mennucci, deputy (PS) of the Bouches-du-Rhône and close to the former minister. in He will announce himself a candidate and if this is the case, I would support him. “ According to the elected representative in marseille, the issue of sponsorship needed to run in the primary would not be an obstacle.

A part of the socialist Party invites, however, a cautionary note : ” the Dutch and The aubrystes are not behind him, Peillon wonders all alone, he was ready to support Holland, but has seen in his renunciation of the opportunity.” Will go there until the end ? “I don’t know. Peillon, it is a little Hibernatus, the man who disappears and then each time tries to come back “, provides the World this connoisseur of the mysteries of the PS.

last April, at the time of the release of his thriller Aurora, Vincent Peillon seemed determined to put his political career at a distance : ” I have done twenty-two years of congress and national offices of the PS, elections, campaigns, small sentences… It is no longer my desire or my agenda “, gave the World.

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bad news for Valls

according to The Point, ” an operation is being conducted by Aubry, Moscovici, Taubira and Hidalgo to go “ Vincent Peillon, today member of the european parliament. In its edition of Wednesday, Le Canard enchaîné also reports that Martine Aubry would be ” picked up Vincent Peillon “, due to the lack of willingness to get in the race, the former keeper of the seals Christiane Taubira and the minister of social affairs Marisol Touraine. But the information has been denied by the mayor of Lille.

” I read for the second time in recent days in the press (…) that I would have asked Vincent Peillon to introduce themselves to the primary of the left. I just want to say that I have never had the intention, and that I had no contact with him, directly or indirectly, “, said the ex-first secretary of the PS in a short declaration to the Agence France-Presse.

Her nomination would be bad news for Manuel Valls, then, that the former prime minister began his campaign for the primary.

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Seven candidates are currently reported : Manuel Valls, Arnaud Montebourg, Benoît Hamon, Marie-Noëlle Lienemann and Gérard Filoche (from the left of the PS), and Jean-Luc Bennahmias (ESU) and François de Rugy (ecologist Party). Nominations to the primary of the left are open until 15 December.

Application to the primary of the left, how to use it

The candidates for the socialist primary of the left of the 1st December 15 to appear on the ballot. To do this, they must have the sponsorship of 5 % of one of the following groups :

  • members of the national council ;
  • or parliamentary socialists ;
  • or advisers of the regional and departmental socialists representing at least four regions and ten departments ;
  • or mayors socialist of cities of over 10 000 inhabitants representing at least four regions and ten departments.

Each candidate will also need to sign a ” ethics charter, “ laying down the rules of conduct during the campaign, as well as a statement of commitment on the gathering of the candidates after the election. The PS is committed to pay 50 000 euros for each candidate to his campaign.

Each application will then be reviewed and validated by a High authority of the primary citizen, December 17, a date that will mark the launch of the campaign.


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