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Gotlib, the ” king of the déconnade “, leaves orphans, readers, and characters – Boursorama

Marcel Gotlib ” in his office in Paris, in may 2005.

Marcel Gotlib ” in his office in Paris, in may 2005.

Marcel Gotlieb was one of the few, if not the sole author of the tape drawingée, à to have had in his lifetime a statue à his effigy. Inaugurée à the occasion of the festival of Angoul&stop, me 1992, which was a follow-up, a year more t&taxes;t, à his winning of the Grand prize, this monumental sculpture of five mètres de haut le repréwas a painter at the next pénétré, a crown of laurels on the t&stop;te. His name : Deconum rex – the « king of the déconnade ». We cannot better describe the one that is écomplexion, Sunday 4  (déDecember, à l'âge of 82 years. Démiurge désopilant a art dérisoire does nérequiring special paper and ink, Marcel Gotlieb, says Gotlib, had érigé hum or débridé véactual esthétique.

His disappearance leaves it orphaned a whole bunch of people whose common point was to tickle the cheek of several générations of readers. Nothing close, on the surface, the fox Jujube of the boy scout leader, Hamster Jovial, the dog neurasthénique Gai-Luron héros slippers Superdupont, l'éscholar professor Burp’s grandpa salacious Pervert Pépère, all con&case us gré of an artistic journey staff épousa l'éevolution of the band drawingée, médium a long time réservé à the youth before détender its readership to adults, at the intersection of années 1970.

Admirer of the magazine américan Mad, drive invétéré of Jerome K. Jerome and Alphonse Allais, Gotlib had, in fact, réussi « synthèis perfect between humor jewish new yorkers, the humour, the English and the spirit, fran&case;ais », co…

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